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Apr 22, 2011 01:19 PM

Conshohocken area best



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  1. Hey there! I feel like you might be surprised no one has answered this post yet. At least I was when I first saw the title. But then when I read the genres you asked for.. I couldn't really think of any answers either! :)

    What Conshy does best are sandwiches. There are a dozen places off the top of my head I would go to for all kinds of delicious lunch options. My current favorite is the Conshohocken Cafe, just opened up less than 3 months ago. Great sandwiches and breakfasts there. I haven't yet tried any pizza or chinese places in town, though I keep meaning to.

    If you like thai food though, I do really like Chiangmai right on Fayette st. They have a good lunch special, like nearly all thai places, and I've always enjoyed my food there. Plus, it's byob. The wings at the Boathouse are pretty decent. They have a special of free wings with a pitcher on Wednesdays, but as with most places with similar specials, I've found the quality to be not so great on those nights. Another bar, Baggataways has good wings as well.

    Hope this helps a little!

    1. Pizza - Franzone's (with a location in Bridgeport too) - always a winner. I like Tony A's as well.
      Chinese - Nothing outstanding, but Hunan Wok is serviceable. Drive to Chestnut Hill for Cin Cin for good quality sit-down Chinese.
      Burgers - Again, nothing spectacular, but Baggataway has solid burgers.
      Wings - Boathouse wings are among my favorites not just in Conshy, but in the whole area. In a pinch, I've ordered from FWOT (Fingers Wings and Other Things) and they are above average.

      +1 to the Thai recommendation of Chiang Mai. Awesome drunken noodles, great for takeout, also great for a weeknight eat-in, BYOB.

      Another highlight is Lenny's for Italian hoagies. Roast pork or the Italian hoagie, both awesome.

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      1. re: mkertello

        You had to grow up eating Franzone's pizza (as I did). Otherwise, everyone else I've talked to thinks it's average at best with overly sweet sauce.

        1. re: mkertello

          Yep, Franzones is the best pizza in Conshohocken or anywhere in Montgomery county!

        2. +1 on Chiangmai

          And I've loved everything I've tried at the Stone Rose (gastropub). I haven't had the burger, but my wife was raving about it and they call it their specialty.

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          1. re: rumorsofsurf

            I've had their burger, the flavors are good but it's very poorly constructed. It's impossible to eat it as a sandwich, it's just way too tall, and the patty is convex, so when you take your first bite (I had to smash the bun to do it), all the toppings slide out around the edges. A couple other people who were there when I was had ordered it as well and they were all eating it with a fork. This is a ridiculous trend in burgers and theirs is the worst I've seen.

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              this is a grat post. any good cheesesteak in the area?

              1. re: BillyBob

                Check the thread moving to eagleville/KoP...loads of good stuff there. So Far Phoenixville has been a trove of wonderful things to eat drink and try.