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The Elusive Pizza Strip

I have been hearing about the non-cheesy Pizza Strips of Rhode Island forever but have never tried them. I sampled my first PIzza Strips today at Superior Bakery in Cranston which was recommended by an Ocean Stater. Is Crugnale, Palmieri or DeFusco much different? So far I am a bit underwhelmed in an english muffin, jar sauce kind've way. What am I missing?

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        turn in you Rhode Islander card immediately

        whats next - you dont like dels?

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            Hey, more strips for the rest of us! I can definitely see how they'd be an acquired taste (or a never acquired taste), like many oddball RI specialties.

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            Live and work in RI, and I also detest pizza strips.

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                  I will say that we get Superior pizza strips delivered to the store and people LOVE them. I can't figure it out.

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                    Superior are by far the worst too! oh well. When you get then hot and freash from the bakery they arent half bad, but in the stores they are dry and tasteless.

          3. CCG is right. Pizza strips suck. I think the only way you can appreciate them is if you were born in RI and remember having them at your sixth birthday party.

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              I grew up with them when they first beCAME a Rhode Island thing...early 50s...Rhode Islanders eat them, but, I think we do not know WHY we eat them. They are 100 per cent "what you see is what you get."

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                I think there's a lot to this. I like them, but then again I live in Virginia and might eat a couple once a year. My first memory of them is of a box of pizza strips on the counter at Dutchland Farms -- I think they cost $0.07/strip.

                Good for the lactose intolerant, too!

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                  And my first memory is Norwood Bakery(PostRoad-Warwick)...circa 1954-1955--.10 cents a strip

              2. The best pizza strips are at Calvitos and DePetrillos. Crugnale really arent that good, Superior are even worse, and DeFusco's.....well they have been closed down. It is pizza dough with sauce, however, so I would temper your expectations. A box of "party pizza" never last very long at my house though!

                1. I like the pizza strips from Buono's Bakery.

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                    A bad pizza strip is truly nasty. If they're not fresh they can get really soggy, and obviously since they're only sauce and dough you need to have great versions of both to succeed.

                    A good pizza strip (I can only vouch for Calvito's in Wakefield and Narragansett) with a nice bite to the crust and a tangy sauce can be pretty darn satisfying!

                  2. my favorite strips (and i am a reluctant fan) are from pauly penta's. the tomato topping is thick, sweet, and olive-oily. i usually go for a corner.

                    1. Many years ago pizza strips were not that bad. They used Black Heavy Pizza Sheet Pans which conducted the heat and force a nice crispy bottom. Most sheet pans are lighter aluminium pans which will not give the crispy bottom. RI is only state who made pizza in sheet pans this is one reason the strip was presented. I make them a lot at home when I get bored and look for a 1/2" thick dough.

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                        You are better off getting the big brother (small round) of the Pizza Strip at
                        Zaccagnini's Pastries Inc
                        701 Oaklawn Avenue
                        Cranston, RI 02920-2814
                        (401) 943-4567

                        They also have pizza strips that are much better than any others as well.

                        1. re: FjmArch

                          I dont eat them much anymore. I prefer the paper thin NY type. Like I said If I get bored I will make a rectangle sheet and cut it into strips.

                          1. re: Frank Terranova

                            I second RIRN's opinion of Buono's. Since pizza strips consist of basically two ingredients(dough and sauce) they both have to shine. The bread at this bakery is my favorite in RI. Many times when out to eat if the bread is great I'll ask where it's from, 9 times out of ten it's Buono's.

                      2. Ahh, Rhode Island, a food wonderland! Pizza strips, coffee milk, cabinets, stuffies, clam cakes, chowda, and best of all, NEW YORK WEINERS!!