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Apr 22, 2011 12:39 PM

P B's Takeout in Ardmore Village (Winston-Salem)

After a drive-through Old Salem on this rainy day, my host, Bill, took me to P B's Takeout in his pick-up truck.

I was curious about the 100.5 sanitation rating, as I'd not seen a scale that went higher than 100 before. Asking Bill how it was possible to score that high, he quipped that they take AP classes at PB's. :-)

While we waited, I eyed, the display of B&G pies and D-lish. Bill said that apple was the flavor to get, none here, so none for me this stop.

He ordered a hot dog for us to share, "all the way", which I presume means with everything (chili, slaw, mustard). Here's our $2 dog.

Slaw's chopped relatively fine and has a lot of onion. Not loaded with toppings, and I liked the balance of elements in the dog sandwich. What really made it for me was the perfectly sized, grilled, toasty buttery bun. I had to wipe an oil slick off my fingers with a napkin. A fine dog.

P B's Takeout
1412 S Hawthorne Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27103

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  1. P B's Takeout serves absolutely one of the area's best Southern chili dogs. Better than Pulliam's, despite what Rachel Ray says.

    P B's Takeout
    1412 S Hawthorne Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27103

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      My hosts feels the same way, saying the hot dog itself is better quality and gives P B's a leg up. But he thought I'd enjoy the "ambiance" at Pulliam's. PB's dog looked less overstuffed than the photos of Pulliam's in Serious Eats.