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High Tea @ the Fairmont

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Before my son's b-day dinner @ Chambar, the only day I could take my friend out for her belated birthday celebration was the same day. So on 4/20 we were to meet downtown at 1:45 for the 2pm tea seating.

When I left work and got off the Canada Line at Vancouver City Centre stop the first thing I saw ascending the stairs was the La Brassierie - Brass chicken sandwich food cart. Then... PEOPLE. It was wall to wall people, I could barely move. I was perplexed. Then the smell - not chicken sandwiches, but marijuana, followed by the people chanting, "Smoke weed, smoke weed....." Ah, 4/20 day...

I crossed the street, crossed back and made my way to the Fairmont. The tea setting is lovely! It's in the back of the lounge. I had a 2 for 1 groupon type coupon and paid $36 for it. I'll post some pictures but they're not great, as my friend just giggled at me like I was a food nerd while I tried to snap some shots. CTV news was there interviewing people too, asked us, but I politely declined before they told us what they were asking about. I think they were talking about either the wedding or my friend said it's British something or other month...while they were filming, the hostess with the news crew asked us how we liked the scones. We said they were great. She told us the chef will not ever give out his recipe but did once to a member of the Royal family who asked...add this to your useless trivia knowledge if you like.

Anyway, tax on the full price of $72 was charged. 15% gratuity was added and our cheap bottle of champagne was $65. It was $100 or $136 really, but it was a pleasant afternoon. The scones and clotted cream were wonderful. Both our favourites were the curry chicken sandwiches. I could have eaten a plate of these! My friend said the smoked salmon sandwiches were too awkward to eat delicately because they had too much salmon on them, but I did not have a problem! I also loved the lemon tarts. They were were really tart and lemony. We didn't finish our tray, but I took the goodies for my son since it was his birthday.

I wish I took some pictures of the setting because it really was fabulous and the chairs you sit in were perfect for relaxing. We went to the lounge after for a drink and when we left it was about 4:30. I wish I would have took a picture of that. There was just a HAZE of SMOKE in the air and a sea of stoners! It was quite something to see and smell! ;-)

The high tea menu is here if you're interested: http://www.fairmont.com/NR/rdonlyres/... Looking at the menu just now, I see we did not get the egg salad sandwiches on french baguette included on our tray and there wasn't a substitution..

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  1. My friend read this write-up and said she was surprised that I didn't mention the tea or the ham/brie sandwiches. I want to mention these now, that these were both highlights for her - especially the tea! :-) I had the VERSAILLES LAVENDER EARL GREY, she had the MARGARET’S HOPE DARJEELING...(sorry, not yelling, just cutting & pasting)....

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      Was there a few days ago. Iirc, they have high tea for a set price of approximately $35-40. I think before 4pm. Includes the scones, sandwiches(sushi style) etc.