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Apr 22, 2011 10:02 AM

Lunch places near Yarmouth on the Cape?

I'm visiting the Edward Gorey House in Yarmouthport on a Saturday, and am looking for a fun lunch place in that area (mid-Cape). Any ideas? It needs to be somewhere with tasty *non-seafood* options, since my travel companion is allergic. Looking to stay in $20-$40 per person price range. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's not much in the Yarmouthport area open for lunch other than Ardeo's and Scargo Cafe in Dennis Village. Neither of which i'd recommend. Hyannis is only 10-15 minutes away and both Alberto's and Colombo's on Main Street serve wonderful lunches. Both have Italian American fare and some standards as well. Neither is high on the "fun" list though. Maybe Pain D'Avignon for that? All have menues available on-line.

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        Thanks! I'll look into those. The Optimist Cafe also has good reviews on Yelp:

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          I should have mention The Optimist. Probably just what you're looking for. It's in the neighborhood, a bit quirky, fun and funky in an old Captain's Home that used to be called the Gingerbread House because of all the fancy trim that made it look like a confection.

          The food's not real speacial, but it is nice. Worth trying for luch. That's certain.

      2. Not the same ownership but Edward used to go here for two meals a day--Jack's Outback in Yarmouthport. Have not eaten lunch since the ownership change but if you are incorporating an Edward Gorey experience this is the place where he ate. FWIW

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          Jack's Outback not the same without Jack Braginton. Without the healthy dose of sarcasm, it's just boring! You are already on 6A, why not try The Dolphin. Are they open for lunch, or just dinner? CCG...?

          1. re: ciclista

            The Dolphin is indeed open for lunch, but if seafood is out of the question, I'm not sure I'd go there. Of course, they could check the menu on-line and see if it suits them. The Optimist probably fits the bill for the OP, although they could try the new Summer Stock for lunch, on the grounds of the Cape Playhouse in Dennis. (and report backhere as inquiring hounds want to know!)

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Thanks for all the ideas! We're going to try the Optimist, with Summer Stock as a backup. Will report back!

        2. I am from RI but work in Yarmouthport sometimes. I have not been to many places there, but I really like this buffet.
          Brazilian Grill
          680 Main Street, Barnstable Town, MA 02601-5413 (508) 771-0109 ‎

          Brazilian Grill
          680 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601

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            I recommend the Brazillian Grill for the buffet, especially at lunch.
            But stick to the buffet only. The meat is disappointing.

            1. re: seaville

              I am keen on hearing more about Summer Stock. Their phone is out of order. I am not a fan of Jacks without Jack. Never loved Optimist but tried. I love love love Pain D'avignon for lunch. You can dine outside if it's a nice day. Just head west from Edmund Gorey, take a LEFT at Rt. 132 and follow all the way past the mall to the rotary. Go around the rotary, head BACK on Rt. 132 and take your first right on Hinkley. You can also buy amazing bread here. I just had lunch their last weekend and loved it. Had a date March 20 and it was divine.

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                Summer Stock is supposed to have their Grand opening tonight. An out of order phone is not a great start! Like you, I have a keen interest as I worked there for many summers through my college years (70s) when it was The Cape Playhouse Restaurant. That was it's heyday in my opinion, and it hasn't really been great since. I'm hoping for good things.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  me too..was at Harvest Wine Bar tonight and was told it was their opening...Island Merchant people...wishing them success..