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Apr 22, 2011 09:31 AM

fresh pineapple

so I have this very ripe pineapple sitting in my kitchen, and I'm about to leave town in just a few hours for 3 days. What should I do with it so it won't rot and go to waste!? I was thinking maybe popsicles. Any other ideas?

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  1. Along the same vein, you can make an easy sorbet. If you don't want to mess with it, cut into 1 or 2 in dice and freeze on cookie sheet, then transfer to plastic bag to store in freezer. To make sorbet, taste one to figure out how much sugar you need to add. Puree frozen cubes in food processor with a little sugar or possibly lemon juice to bring up the flavor. If you want to make it "fluffly", you add a couple egg whites. Re-freeze, but don't keep longer than 1-2 days after you make puree.

    1. I suspect you could just put the whole thing in the refrigerator and it would be fine.

      You could do what Diane says and freeze it. You could even puree it and then freeze it.

      1. It'll keep in the fridge for a week, even really ripe ones will be fine.

        1. if you keep it whole and stick it in the fridge it'll be fine when you get which point you ca cut it up and use within 2-3 days.

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            thanks everybody - good to know for the next time. I went ahead and pureed it and make popsicles.

          2. Pinapple Jam, I made it for the first time under the same circumstances as yours. It is now one of favorite jams! I used a tad bit of lemon, and Grand Marnier, but it would of been fine without the GM. I made pineapple bars using either pecans or walnuts ( I forget!) but wow, it make a lovely cookie. Next time I'm making the tiny pineapple tarts. If you make the jam, its great on a bagel with cream cheese or on buttered toast too.

            I also make Wolfgang Puck's Pineapple Upside-down cake using canned pineapple. I'm thinking of using the yellow cake, and the pineapple jam in-between the layers and then a cream cheese frosting.
            A little late, but for future use~~~