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Apr 22, 2011 06:39 AM

Loco Coco's Tacos Delicious - Kittery Maine

I know this place has been around for awhile but we were able to stop in for the first time this week. It was SO good and definitely surpassed expectations. I thought it deserved a post with its name in the title :)

We ordered quite a bit of food. The tacos were a surprise in that each was dressed with a bit of rice and beans. I would not have thought I would enjoy that (and probably would have tried to change it had I noticed it on the menu) but it worked well, complementing rather than overwhelming the star ingredients. We tried the lengua (very tender), barbacoa, carne asada and another I can't recall. All were really flavorful although I did want a bit of salt for each (I'm a salter!).

The chicken tortilla soup was lovely with a delicious broth, kernels of corn (not too much though, thank you) and big chunks of chicken. The raw onion really made it and I could eat that every week. The shrimp ceviche was a generous sized portion, the shrimp tender with lots of crunch from the onions and whatnot. Really nice, really addictive. Sunshine, ceviche, beer - yeah, sounds great!

We don't get down that way too often, but will more often knowing there is such good food in a restaurant that the toddler also enjoys. I sure wish we had this place in Portland!

Loco Coco's Tacos
36 Walker St, Kittery, ME 03904

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  1. totally agree that Loco Coco's deserves a lot of love and attention. We drive from Bath ME to Concord NH pretty often, and always try to time our trips so that we're conveniently hungry in Kittery. The guacamole is stellar, and the chile verde is amazing- quite hot, but worth the runny nose. I highly recommend them; glad you enjoyed!

    (Also, I really appreciate that it's been largely the same kitchen staff since I've been making my pilgrimages there over the last 4-5 years. I feel like that says something good about both the food and the management).

    1. I like Loco Coco's and have always been an advocate for them on this board. That being said, I think they were much better before the expansion. The past few times I've gone have been hit or miss. I would still go back and do so often, but I think the food is not as consistent as before. I only eat at the big room (not the bar area) so I cannot comment on the bar menu (which is different). Honestly, I think the whole set-up, with the bar offering a different menu and table service and the other dining room being casual is a bit confusing, but the place seems to be doing something right as it's always packed. I'm sure further expansion is in their future.

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        Another thumbs up for Loco Coco's. A great place to stop and easy access to/from I-95. Most everything seems to be well-prepared and quite reasonably priced. Will agree that the chile verde is very hot. Found the salsas to be very fresh and tasty as well, well worth the extra cost.

        I like the split dining operation. Its nice to have a self-service section particularly when you want to get in and out quickly. Kitchen service usually very prompt as well, not an easy feat given the restaurant size.

        Definitely one of the better Mexican options in New England.