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Apr 22, 2011 06:08 AM

ISO Polish Easter Bread Recipe (Platzak ?)

I'd like to make a Polish Easter Bread my family called Platzak (sorry about the spelling).

It is a slightly sweet loaf shaped bread (almost a cake) with a sweet crumble on top. From my fruitless searching, it seems the word Platzak or Placzek is a local Buffalo NY term, so the bread may have another name or it might just be a Buffalo thing.

Anyone have a recipe to share ? Thank you.

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  1. I'm originally from Buffalo and I know good placek...and yes, good information is hard to find. Here's a link to a recipe from a local newspaper I discovered a few months ago:

    Disclaimer: I've personally never made placek since I usually just buy one from a local deli when I go back to visit a few times a year.

    Happy Easter!

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    1. re: tidbitt

      WOW that was fast !

      Thanks TB, I love the old clipping. Now I know the spelling of Placek, I found a couple of other recipes. All are very similar so I'm definitely on the right track. Check this recipe out and tell me you aren't gonna make it after looking at the great photos.


      Mmmmm, Placek....

      1. re: PoppiYYZ

        Oh man, my mouth is're right, I see homemade placek in my future...

        I only wish Beth of would have included a picture of a slice of the placek. The texture is key. It's not too dry or crumby, but holds together when sliced. It's difficult to describe. My cousins have their own recipe, but theirs is always bone dry and definitely needs buttering.

        Please let me know how your's turns out.

      2. re: tidbitt

        Thank you soooo much. This is almost identical to my Aunt Del's recipe for Placek. My Godmother is the world's best baker I swear, and my mouth is watering just thinking about this. I had the recipe stored somewhere and lost I am off to the kitchen! I think I love you :) Happy Easter.

        1. re: tidbitt

          Thanks for the info ! Been lookinf=g for a long time.Since BuBa passed in 74 ! Making a trip to Buffalo soon.What is the name and location of the Deli that you get the Placek at ?

          1. re: valier

            The place is called Ellie's Deli:
            1050 Harlem Rd
            Buffalo, NY 14227

            (716) 822-4811

            They also have really good pierogi too. You can check out the reviews on Yelp.


            BTW, I did end up making placek from the recipe I linked to in my earlier post and it was very good, but not as good as Ellie's.

        2. Too funny, I was thinking this was a thread for potica. It's my favorite eastern European bread with sweet walnut filling. I haven't had it in ages. When I read the recipe I was like 'Where's the walnuts?" Google to the rescue.

          The platzak looks good as well.