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Apr 21, 2011 09:22 PM

olivia's ice cream in reno on wells

I noticed a little storefront on Wells, "Olivia's Ice Cream". Has anyone tried it? I'm so curious, but haven't had a chance to stop yet.

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    1. By the way, Bijou's at Prater and Sparks Boulevard in Sparks has killer gelato.

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      1. I checked out Olivia's. I went on a Thursday, which is a good day to go. Scoops are $1 each. Normally a single scoop is $2.09. The woman I believe to be the owner told me the brand of ice cream. It's from Oregon. I thought she said Crystal Bay, but I can't find that on the Web. I believe they have about eight to 10 flavors. I got pistachio and one other flavor. Maybe it was black walnut. I liked the ice cream, but there was nothing special about it.
        Olivia's ice cream is the kind of place I'd go to if I was in the area but it's not worth a special trip.