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Apr 21, 2011 08:35 PM

Indian/Asian stores in Hamilton??

Will be moving to Hamilton shortly with family. Does anyone know of Asian or Indian grocery stores in the area?? Any help/replies will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.....Jill

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  1. There is a asian market right behind the Ban Than restaurant on cannon street.I think it is also called the Ban Tran.Lots of asian indian and Vietnamese staples there

    1. There is place on Concession Street (Upper Wentworth and Concession) used to called Sam's. I can't remember the new name but it specializes in Middle Eastern Foods. There is also the Punjab Market on Queenston Rd just past Centennial. I frequent these 2 places on a regular basis. Sam's is larger and has a meat counter while the Punjab market is smaller I am always amazed at the quantity of stuff they carry. In both locations the staff are very helpful. There is also the farmers market which has tons of different vendors.

      1. Grace Foods, downtown Hamilton.
        Also, Lyn's Linstead Market on Upper Gage, although a West Indian grocer, does carry a lot of Asian items. Specifically, I buy a number of items imported from the Philippines there.