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Apr 21, 2011 08:18 PM

ISO: 50's-60's Bisquick "Walnut Chews" bar cookie

I am missing my walnut chews recipe--the first recipe I ever collected at about age 10. My best friend's mother and our Brownie Scout leader, Mrs Wilson, regularly made these, and I loved them, so she gave me the recipe. I made them often as a young married, but not for years now. I thought of them tonight, but looked and my recipe is GONE!

Any hounds have this Mid-Century Bisquick recipe in their collection? It used eggs beaten with brown sugar, Bisquick, milk (?) and lots of english walnuts. Because it called for Bisquick rather than flour, b. pdr, and shortening, I'd have to wing it, but PLEASE if you or your family has this recipe, I'd sure be obliged!

They were sweet, chewy and WAL-nutty! Quite a soft, chewy texture, with a shiny semi-crispy surface like brownies have (from the beaten eggs and sugar)butterscotch-y flavor with the brown sugar. Not particulary thick, I think they were made in a 7x10 pan, and cut into small bars.



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    1. re: todao

      Nope--saw that when I googled for it earlier. This was off a box of Bisquick. No cereal involved.

      but thanks for looking :^)

      edit: the butterscotch chews recipe at looks promising--I'll try that! thanks for the link!

      1. re: toodie jane

        i'd try this one:

        just sub walnuts for the pecans and omit the coconut.

        1. re: toodie jane

          Sorry Jane ... Bisquick is a simple formula that includes flour, baking powder, salt, and shortening.
          I'll bet that if you combine 1/2 cup of Bisquick with 1 egg, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 cup chopped walnuts and a cup of packed brown sugar and bake on a sheet pan as bar cookies for about 15 - 18 minutes (maybe 20) at 350 degrees you'll get something pretty close to what you're looking for.

          1. re: todao

            thanks T--I gave up Bisquik in the 60's... ;^)

      2. I have the "So Quick with New Bisquick" recipe book from 1967. It has a recipe in it for Fruit Chews which contains a cup of walnuts but no specific Walnut Chews. Maybe this will get you there.

        1 cup sugar
        1/4 cup soft butter
        2 eggs
        1 1/4 cups Bisquick
        1 cup chopped walnuts
        1 cup cut up dates
        1 jar (4 oz) drained and chopped maraschino cherries (about 1/3 cup)
        Confectioner's sugar

        Heat oven to 350F. Grease oblong pan, 13x9x2". Blend sugar, butter, and eggs. Stir in Bisquick. Fold in nuts, dates, and cherries. Spread in prepared pan. Bake 30 minutes. Cool slightly. Cut into 1 1/2" squares. Remove from pan, sprinkle with or roll in confectioner's sugar. Makes 4 dozen.

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        1. re: morwen

          looks like I could just leave out the fruit and use brown sugar...


        2. How about this one, sub walnuts for the pecans?