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Apr 21, 2011 06:59 PM

Favorite Menu Items at Atchafalaya

Going for the 1st time next week - any recommendations?

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  1. Loved this place. The atmosphere is so cool and the people warm and friendly.

    1. The last time we went for dinner there were 8 of us and we all went away happy, so there was a wide acceptance of the menu. And of course for brunch the Bloody Mary bar is a winner.

      Strangely enough the same 8 went to Patois 2 weeks ago and we only found two dishes exceptional. Possibltythe difference in expectations.

      1. For brunch, the bloody mary bar, eggs over fried green tomatoes with crabmeat, and grits on the side.

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        1. The shrimp and grits is very good. I believe it's one of their signature dishes.

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            I second the shrimp and grits. Perfectly cooked shrimp swimming in spicy sauce served alongside very rich and creamy grits. Absolutely fabulous.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions!