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Apr 21, 2011 06:13 PM

Amsterdam - reasonably priced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


I am traveling to Amsterdam in 3 weeks and looking for recommendations for reasonably priced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I've found Broot Bert, Japanese Pancake World, Singel 404, La Perla, and Tokoman, and some Thai place in China town that I can't recall name.

I will probably eat at De Prins and Cafe Luxembourg while there.

I don't want to go to really expensive places and Amsterdam seems to be an expensive place to dine (I will be traveling to South Africa after Amsterdam and I've got some really fantastic meals planned there).

Breakfast is our favorite meal and we usually prefer to eat a late breakfast (more of a brunch meal).

I am staying at the Moevenpick City Center -- not too many restos near there although I know Jamie Oliver's place is near there but reviews are not kind.

Puccini Bonbon is on my list!

Any pointers you have are appreciated.


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  1. Well you listed my top cheaper eats:

    Japanese Pancake World
    La Perla
    Brooj Bert - Love the grilled salami, onion and cheese

    Not sure what your price threshold is but for a couple nicer dinners Balthazar's Keuken and Cafe de Reiger are high on my list and a good value.

    1. I love Brooje Bert - ate there twice the last time we were in Amsterdam. I will eat there again next month.

      I will also try De Bakkerswinkel - several locations.

      "Spotted By Locals" - has a lot of restaurant reviews, an interactive map, and an app. you can download.

      1. The Thai place is The Bird. Go to the snack bar rather than the resto across the street.

        REALLY good tom yum, and good curries. De Struisvogel has a great dinner deal - 23€ for 3 courses, good food, super-friendly service.

        De Leef is a supercute little breakfast place near the Spui, tho Singel 404 is probably more substantial. Fantastic broodjes.

        Café Zeezicht is pretty awesome for coffee & cake.

        1. bird for thai is ok & affordable. Lastage 36 eur for 3 courses is not to expensive and on walking distance from Movenpick. Also restaurant open: Cafe-restaurant Amsterdam is always nice & value for money