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Apr 21, 2011 06:11 PM

Problems at Maximo's

Partner and I made reservations for our first Maximo's dinner on March 19. 1 hour 20 min after ordering, we hadn't been served our 1st course. We watched endless food coming out, but none for us, despite being seated far earlier than others being served. I asked our waiter how it was going and he replied, "It's very, very bad," He was unable to confirm that any food was coming to us at all! It was all unbelievable. We finally had to leave at 10 PM, starved. Upon leaving, I told the host (or manager?) our situation, who responded unapologetically, "Could be server error." Oh, thank you for that! Now I feel better. A terrible Saturday night it was.

I took the initiative to write a nice letter to the restaurant explaining the situation. I don't want anything free or anything else, except a response would have been nice. They didn't bother. This spot is so off my list.

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  1. wow, thats awful. i had a troubling experience at La Boca once, and also wrote the owner (since the manager was part of the problem), also did not receive a response. never been back.

    you had more patience than i, dont think i could have made it nearly an hour and a half w/o the first course.

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      Being in business, I always address my customer's problems or inquiries. It's just the thing to do. I don't know why restaurants don't see it that way. You won't go back to La Boca and I won't go back to Maximo's simply because we were ignored when we rightfully approached them about their being responsible for a bad evening. We had a similar situation at Le Meritage a year ago that they didn't bother to respond to. Terrible way to run a business, I think.

      1. re: Hungry4Good

        The total lack for a response, especially in these time, is troubling, at the very least. Someone should definitely care, and care mightily.

        Business owners love to hear of good things, but should act instantly on any negative comment.

        My wife is the "top of the pyramid" for about 1200 beds in hospitals in Arizona. She gets mail, and not all is great. When it is, a note is sent. When it is not, either she, or a person directly responsible will write a full letter, and/or make a phone call. One MUST learn from times, when things do not go perfectly. That is the only way to be the best, that one can be.

        Going back a few months, we dined at a very high-end restaurant in NYC. We had ordered the chef's tasting, plus the full wine pairings. On about dish 4, there were tiny bits of crab shell. Being from NOLA, it was nothing to me, or to my wife. However, I called our service captain aside, and pointed out the shell, as others might not be so lenient. Almost instantly, another, extra dish appeared, along with a new, and special wine. appeared, including one of the largest white truffles, that I have ever seen, which was liberally shaved over the dish. I came close to complaining, and pulled the captain aside, telling her that I was not complaining, but just pointing out a tiny issue. She whispered in my ear, "we care so much about all of our diners, that we are most thankful, that you took the time to point out any issue." When we returned home, there was a thank you note from that restaurant, signed by all the upper staff.

        Some restaurants do "get it," and also care greatly. Others - well some do not have a clue.

        I will not go into all of the ways that the management SHOULD have responded, but will say that there should have been some response.

        Have never dined there, but would now hesitate.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          I would be astonished if a super high-end restaurant as you describe in NYC, where you unload the really big bucks, would turn a deaf ear to any customer concern at any time, even if minute. It's all part of the "experience." The only thing I can figure with busy middle range restaurants with a high turnover of customers is that, when you complain, they just write you off as a customer and know that 2 new ones will probably take your place. That is extra annoying to me.