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Apr 21, 2011 04:54 PM

Shishito pepper recipes needed

Does anyone have recipes or ideas for preparing shishito peppers that is NOT the ubiquitous simple pan fry or deep fry (with salt sprinkle) recipe?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Being Japanese, and since shishito are of similar origin, and more since I have never heard of these, I looked it up on the web out of curiosity. As far as I can tell, never having ever had these by this name, and it appears to be Anaheim or New Mexico.
    Not sure, but just a guess. I beg you to take this info and present to a well equipped hispanic grocery; there you find what you seek.

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      1. re: jerry i h

        Shishitos are definitely different from anaheim or new mexico chiles. Shishitos have a very distinct curliness to them that are missing in those chiles.

        I like them chopped up and stir fried with garlic and anchovies.

        1. re: jerry i h

          The op is looking for recipes or Ideas of what to do with Shishito peppers not where to get them.
          The are not like Anahiems or NMgreens. They are much smaller like a Pimiento de PadrĂ³n.

        2. Grill them on skewers with a tare sauce. Serve with yakitori.

          1. A favorite Japanese restaurant grills them then wraps seared albacore sushi around them, finished with ponzu and bonito flakes.