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Apr 21, 2011 04:38 PM

Sorrento North Ristorante - recently opened

Has anyone tried the 905 outpost of Sorrento at Yonge/Lawrence?

Thanks in advance

Sorrento North Ristorante

965 Major MacKenzie Dr, Maple, ON L6A 4P8


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  1. Haven't tried it yet, but I am so excited to hear that they just opened a location up North!! Yay!!

    1. Has anyone actually eaten at the one at Yonge/Lawrence? I was just so amazed that YAIR (yet another Italian restaurant) opened along that strip. I've had so many mediocre meals along there, that I couldn't actually bring myself to try another place. I just stick to Trio and call it a day. But I'd be willing to give Sorrento a shot if there are good reviews.

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        Had the Margherita Pizza once, never went back. Good friendly folks though, I met some of them down in Sorrento, Italy. I'm just picky about my Margherita Pizza's. I would go back to try some other stuff but I don't live in the area any longer.

      2. If the food at Sorrento North is simlar to that of Sorrento downtown, I would drive down a block to Yonge and Hwy7 and eat at Tutto Bene instead!! Much much better tasting food!!

        Tutto Bene
        8133 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T2C6, CA

        Sorrento Cafe
        770 Erie St E, Windsor, ON N9A3Y2, CA

        1. After one very disappointing meal at their Yonge and Lawrence location, who cares if they open a second location. Tons of choices up north. But hey if they get rave reviews, will think again.

          1. I went for dinner a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. The atmosphere was nice, service was good and the owner walks around and talk to everyone. Very pleasant people. I would say that for Thornhill, it's very good. Compared to some of the Italian places in Toronto, I would say it's just decent. If you live near and want a nice place to go in the area without driving far, then it fits the bill.