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Apr 21, 2011 03:45 PM

The Farm House Restaurant @ Skippack Golf Club

Recently opened in renovated building....chef is Jenny Moyer Murphy formerly of Cedars looks interesting.....Has anyone given it a try???

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  1. I may go tonight. If so, I'll write a short summary.

    1. I'll be really interested to hear as SGC is in my back yard. Where has Jenny been since Cedars? My only hesitation was her pricing e.g. $10 for small vegetable spring rolls (and the whopping catering bill a friend unexpectedly received.) She's a talented chef but needs to be more competitive. I hope the new venture flies.

      1. I took a short detour on my way to the Cheese Shop in Skippack Village and stopped in The Farm House. It is a nice renovation of the old farm house which was a pro shop( right pro) and snack bar. The very nice new bar is between the dinning room and the bar tables. Upon entering the cozy but not crowded dinning room area there is an attractive fire place. The dinning room has a nice big window at the far end looking out on the golf course and one of the patio, a quite attractive dinning room. I only had a beer; a nice selection of 5 drafts with some bottles also available. The menu looked good and, considering CP's concern, the prices looked reasonable. But having not seen or tasted what that price buys one I can not comment on the value or food quality. The dining room is far enough away from the bar and bar room tables that the potential of spending dinner listening to a foursome of happy golfers discussing their back nine scores and their hole-in-six is lessened. We will give it a try and fill in the blanks. Look forward to hearing more from the hounds.

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          So we took the plunge and went last nite for dinner.....Lots of pros and cons...but certainly worth another trip...

          Nice venue overlooking the creek......
          GREAT cosmopolitan...$10 for called vodka....large and really good
          Soups...both daily special of veggie minestrone and veggie black bean chili

          Upon being seated....VERY LOUD patrons in bar area....certainly distracts from feeling of "fine dining"...have to say when we commented...they did ask people to quiet down( which was then pretty awkward)
          Cups of soup.....VERY SMALL....did I say VERY small????
          Chicken sandwich...TINY piece of chicken dwarfed by a regular size roll.....chicken was amazingly small
          Mediterranean Chicken Entre--again VERY small piece of chicken with no seasoning...and and the tomato/chick pea underneath....very watery and tasteless

          Neither Pro or Con
          Hummous Platter....ok...nothing special

 convenient for us that we will give it another try BUT must say the previous nite we had hummous platter and chicken sandwich at Iron HIll Brew Pub and that was MUCH better than the same dishes at Farm House...tho a much longer drive!!!

          Will try again before we make a decision!!!
          Hope to hear from others

          1. re: ilovesummer

            Darn. Sounds like Jenny is still into her 1980's "small food" thing. While certainly not the gourmand I was in my 20's, I do require value and a reasonable price-to portion ratio.

            With the rowdies at the bar and the dinky offerings, I'll opt for my Cosmo with a view elsewhere. Thanks for the heads-up.

            1. re: ilovesummer

              That is disappointing; sounds like it may be a nice spot to have a good martini and enjoy the view, then head elsewhere to dine!

              1. re: ilovesummer

                Thanks for the report ilovesummer. Reminds me of trips to Myrtle Beach years ago when I lived in NC. My SO and I weren't golfers and even though we were savvy enough to request a quiet table, boy were they rowdy. Nothing against golfers in particular though. When I worked at the holiday inn the loudest group was the dog show people. Sounds like the owner is out of touch with how much a lot of people are still reeling from the bad economy. Might be fun to stop there for a drink, John likes Skippack.

            2. We also went for dinner on Friday night and had a much more pleasant experience!

              We were seated in the dining room, and although there were people in the bar, they were not at all bothersome!

              We each had the special salad of the evening, which was mixed greens with brie, strawberries, and delicious pumpkin seed brittle! Reasonably priced at $7 each.

              Instead of entrees, we ordered a bunch of apps and split them. We had a bowl of the vegetarian black bean chili, the quesadilla and the hummus platter. The portion sizes were reasonable and the food was very tasty.

              The menu has similarities to Cafe at Cedars, but she has also added burgers, wings, etc., still all prepared with a healthy flair.

              We skipped dessert, and just had coffee. The total, before tip was $56, in my opinion, not overly priced.

              Once outside seating is available, this will be a great place with a beautiful view.

              1. We gave it a try! I guess I was wrong about loud golfers in the bar area not being an annoyance to the non-golf dinners. While it was not really bad when we where there it was obvious that a loud person or group would be very annoying. I did try the chicken sandwich which was a nice size Kaiser Roll with the smallest chicken breast I had ever been served, it did not get close to covering the roll. CP guess you hit this one on the nose! Also had a soup, a small soup, a very small soup as noted by ILS. My wife's selections where just OK. Given the bar traffic, burger and beer crowd, and those who's expectations will enable them accept what is served, the restaurant will do fine. Of course the winter months could be a challenge.

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                1. re: Bacchus101

                  Well with the news of an updated menu we ventured back to Farmhouse at Skippack Golf Course again this evening.....I REALLY REALLY want to like this place....BUT. it just doesn't seem to be in the cards!!
                  ..We both had the vegetarian chili which was very good tho this time it had LARGE dollop of sour cream on top which was unexpected and not really needed.....Food went downhill after that! I had the mediterranean platter and the hummous had an overpowering garlic flavor .....the olives on the plate were ice cold.....and the toast pieces were buttered which was odd to me for dipping into hummous... My husband had ordered the black bean cakes with corn/avocado salsa served over cous cous....when it arrived there was corn salsa but didn't appear to be any avocado at all....when the waitress was questioned she went to the kitchen and returned to tell us that it was mixed in (wouldn't one see green avocado mixed into a corn salsa????) but that the chef would cut up extra for him. She then came to the table with a plate with 3 slices of avocado that were all spotted heavily with black....when we talked again to the waitress the chef came to the table but really had no reason for sending out black avocado....We decided that we would cut our losses and leave rather than order other things. The chef comped (?) the entire meal which certainly was generous as we were willing to pay for what we had eaten up to that point....Sad to say......though we really wanted to like this place and patronize a local place....we won't be returning! Hope others have a better experience!

                  1. re: ilovesummer

                    Buttered toast with the hummus? And sending out slices of a half way rotted avocado? There are some serious back of house problems for chef to serve spoiled produce and front of house problems for the waitress not to recognize it. And substituting buttered toast for pita suggests there are some problems with purveyors. I'll pass.