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Apr 21, 2011 02:48 PM

Cooter Browns - Oysters on the half shell

Do they still have them? Their online menu only shows the grilled oysters.

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  1. That's possibly because the "kitchen" is off the the right of the front door and items ordered there are ordered separately from those ordered in the bar area which is where you'll see the oyster shuckers. Just guessing, I'm sure a quick phone call to them will answer your question with certainty,

    1. Yeah, they're not on the official menu. They pretty much always have them when they're in season.

      1. Yes, they have them, and they're good and reasonably priced. They don't come from the kitchen. The shucker is to the right of the bar as you face it, while the kitchen is to the left. He's not always at station, just ask the bar for a dozen raw. They can charge you, then he'll shuck them. Until I hear different it's the best place for inexpensive oysters in NO right now that I know.

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          $10 a dozen now. And very large and good. Be sure to tip the shucker.