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Apr 21, 2011 02:32 PM


Sorry guys! I know this has been asked before, but I am very confused with the areas when restaurants are mentioned, not sure if they are close of far from the city.

I know about 100 Maneiras & Casa da Comida...what do you think ...

I am going in September Thursday to Saturday

I will be staying in Chiado, next to Rossio Station.

I am looking for a variety, expensive,inexpensive, etc portuguese food, and of course FISH!

I will be in Belem, Alfama, etc but don't want to wonder off too far.

Any help or ideas will be very much appreciated.


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  1. No one??
    Oh well
    I've searched the board, there are too many to make up my mind... Hopefully a good Samaritan will be nice enough to respond to my question...

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      To yesilovestravel:
      Even Vinhotinto is allowed to sleep (you seem to be 12 hours ahead of us) but you should check his posts about Lisbon and maybe be more specific on what you like! It is a long holiday week-end here in Portugal until Tuesday, and Chows might not be in front of their computers...
      You will be staying slap in the centre of Lisbon within walking distance or a short taxi or metro ride of everything. Belem is slightly further out (10 minutes max by taxi if you avoid rush hour).

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        @ YesIlovetotravel

        As Monchique mentioned, it is a huge holiday week here in Lisboa, but nonetheless here are a list of places that I would recommend trying while you are here. I have also included some places to visit for cheese. Lisboa is not very large so you can get anywhere on public transport and with very cheap taxis. I will break down the list based on price range and have the neighbourhood/district in parentheses.

        Cheap and Cheerful

        Bonjardim (Baixa-Restauradores) Fantastic Roasted Chicken
        A Granja Velha (Baixa) Fantastic Homestyle Alentejan Cuisine
        Estrela Morena (Príncipe Real) Excellent Cape Verdean Food
        Esquina da Fé (São José) Unpretentious regional cuisine
        Churrasco da Graça (Graça) Grilled foods, especially fresh fish
        Pitéu (Graça) Huge portions, friendly service, and good seafood
        Barcabela (Martim Moniz/Estefânia) Excellent grilled dishes, particularly seafood
        Sagitário (Belém) Great lunch spot and friendly service


        Restaurante Trempe (Campo de Ourique) Excellent Grilled foods from Alentejo
        Sinal Vermelho (Bairro Alto) Not far from where you are staying and excellent regional food
        Outro Tempo Bar (Campo de Ourique) Neighborhood place for steaks which is open late
        Café São Bento (São Bento) Portuguese steak and fries is the classic here. Open Sunday and late.
        Kaetano's (São José) Used to be in Graça and now located behind the Tívoli Theatre on the Avenida da Liberdade
        O Caracol (Bairro Alto) Unpretentious old school place in the Bairro Alto with a good wine list.
        Charcutaria Francesa (Praça das Flores)
        O Ponto Final (Caçilhas) Excellent seafood and views of the Rio Tejo
        O Farol (Caçilhas) Excellent seafood right at the ferry terminal in Caçilhas
        Cervejaria Ramiro (Estefânia) The best place in Lisboa for shellfish (all they serve)


        Solar dos Presuntos (Baixa/Restauradores) Not to be missed. Excellent food with variety and an incredible wine list now on IPADs/tablets.
        Largo (Chiado) A large place serving refined Portuguese cuisine with excellent service
        Clara Chiado (Chiado) Excellent wine list and food; they also have a gourmet store for wine, etc.
        Assinatura (Rato/Pombal) A lovely space with food that can be excellent or mediocre. Perhaps try for lunch first and then decide if you want to proceed for dinner.
        Resturante Ibo (Cais do Sodré) Wonderful food, wine, and a menu with Portuguese and Mozambican flavors.
        Alma (Santos) Food by one of Portugal's star chef's, Henrique Sá Pessoa
        Solar dos Nunes (Alcântara) Excellent food with Alentejan specialties

        As far as cheese is concerned, you will find the best selection at local supermarkets such as Continental and MiniPreço. There are also tons of little gourmet shops such as Gourmet Lisboa in the Campo de Ourique. Some of the larger supermarkets such as Continental can be reached by metro at the Parque das Nações or Colombo. Likewise, there are tons of little boutiques throughout Chiado, Baixa, and Bairro Alto. El Corte Ingles, the huge SPANISH superstore, has a huge grocery and gourmet store in the basement with Portuguese delicacies. So that might be an option. I also like Charcutaria Brasil on Avenida Alexandre Herculano. You may also buy some of these if you are flying out of the Lisbon airport as they pack everything nicely.

        I hope that this post helps with your planning and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

        Boa Sorte!

      2. Note that Bonjardim (cheap and cheerfull street restaurant) and Gambrinus (exactly the opposite, smart, formal and traditional) are both in the same street, very close to where you will be staying... Two great restaurants of Lisbon, typical in their own style!

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        1. re: monchique

          wow!!! more than I could of asked for!! thank you sooooo much!
          thanks on the info on cheese & 2 favorite things in the world!! red wine & good cheese...and great views...Im in love with lisbon already...just from looking at the pictures...
          you all are very lucky to live there!
          thanks sooo much...i will "study" the list...
          * you know, some restaurants, like solar dos presuntos, do not have prices on their website...what would be the average price for the expensive restaurants...just to have an idea.
          thanks again!

          Happy Easter!

          1. re: yesilovestotravel

            I have a huge thank you post that i am working on for vinhotinto75 and others who made my trip to Portugal fantastic. but to answer your immediate needs - I think Bonjardim was my favorite place to dine when I was in Lisbon last week. Rua de Sao Jose is a great little pedestrian street w/ tons of tourist traps and a few diamonds too. It was by far the cheapest meal I had, but I enjoyed it immensely. Eat around 9p, and sit outside. Don't even look at the menu - just order the chicken!!

            I really enjoyed Assintura for my formal dinner, his take on Calho Verde was fantastic!

            And have fun!

            1. re: yesilovestotravel

              @ YesIlovetravel

              Dishes at Solar dos Presuntos usually range between 16 and 25 Euros and are quite hearty. That is expensive for Lisbon and Portugal as most main dishes even at moderate restaurants run between 12 and 15 Euros. Even moderate and cheaper restaurants will offer a 1/2 portion size which is often sufficient if you have a starter and dessert.

              Assinatura is probably the most expensive of those that I listed as their main dishes range in the 20-30 Euro range. With the economic climate here in Lisboa/Portugal that is very expensive. Likewise, even before all of the chaos, it was still expensive (for here). I really like Assinatura, but often the food falls flat on simple seasonsing. To their defense, they are always willing to listen and take feedback.

              Since you like wine, some other small places worth checking out are Os Goliardos, Chafariz do Vinho, and Nektar Wine Bar. Of course, ViniPortugal also has free tastings at their centre in the Praça do Comércio.

              Boa Sorte!

              1. re: vinhotinto75

                Thanks vinhotinto!
                Well, yes, not cheap, but not too bad as compared to expensive restaurants in Barcelona I think, from my research.
                So, I assume I can order at solar a main course & dessert?? That sounds sufficient and I'll get to try their cousine.
                I'll definitely be going to viniportugal & chafariz
                I'm hoping to bring back some wine but I like to buy wine from small producers, that I wouldnt find in the states.
                I can't wait to go!

                1. re: yesilovestotravel

                  @ YesIlovetotravel

                  Remember that the US does not legally allow much more than a bottle upon entering, so you might have to have stuff shipped to you if you want to go that route. ViniPortugal will have tons of smaller producers for you to taste and you can go to Garrafeira Nacional or Napoleão who ships should you so be interested in buying. Otherwise, I would figure out if they distribute in the US and your state.


                  1. re: vinhotinto75

                    Thanks vinho for the info on where to buy the wine
                    Actually, you are allowed 1 liter duty free, the others you would pay a tax, I found it in the customs and border security website of the US.
                    It says federal regulations do not specify the amount of alcohol you may bring back as long as it is within a reasonable amount and for personal use.
                    I always take a printout of this just in case...
                    When coming from Mendoza I brought 10 bottles, and declared it and they didn't charge me the tax, when coming from Paris, the security said I was only allowed 1, and I had 6... That's when I pulled out my print out! Ha ha I told him I was ok with paying the tax, but he was nice and didn't charge me... I think he was embarrassed that he didn't know :)
                    I will most definitely go to the places you mentioned to buy wine!!
                    Also, if you have any favorites, please, I welcome your input! You are after all " vinhotinto"!

                    1. re: yesilovestotravel

                      FWIW, I came back from Portugal with about 9 bottles of wine in my checked bags and was not charged duty by the US customs. The US immigration officer was a real jerk and asked me (a US citizen) a lot of impertinent questions. Because I was impatient with all her crap, she sent me thru customs for a search. The customs guy couldn't have been nicer and said he didn't care how much wine I had for my personal consumption.