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Apr 21, 2011 02:23 PM

Train stop

I love food and everything about it, but I,m taking an Amtrak to D.C. and looking for a cab ride away place to stay(moderate)and any suggestions for a foodie to eat.I mean foodie spots, the kind that you say"AH I remember that spot" Being a chef, this can be fine dining, down and dirty or anything in the middle. What I want to know is what do people that in the area say when friends come "You have to do this" and "eat some of this"I love ethnic and always have to check out a Chinatown when I go to a new town but always support the great diner, drive-in or dive.Hay who said that? I want what you locals think is good and up for some fun suggestions

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  1. My top dives are Sichuan (Joe's Noodle House), Burmese (Myanmar), Jamaican (Pimento Grill), Soul Food(Oohhs and Aahhs), Vietnamese (Bay Lo), Philippino(Fairfax Inn), Bolivian (Luzmilla's), and Senegalese (Chez Aunty Libe) Some are difficult to get to without a car, not that cheap (you'd be surprised) , or open only for lunch. So it depends on your enthusiasm. For the truly adventurous, there is a secret Ghanaian restaurant, Akosombo. You just have to know it's there.

    My top MUST HAVE cheap eats are:
    Daing Na Bangus (marinated milkfish) at Fairfax Inn
    Polori with pickled tamarind sauce (Rita's, Trinidadian)
    Nam Khao (rice ball salad) at Bangkok Golden
    Ginger Salad (Myanmar)
    Oxtail Brown Stew (Pimento Grill)
    Saltena (Luzmilla's)

    1. very close to Union Station is the Hotel George, a lovely boutique hotel that is part of the Kimpton Hotel Group. It is nice and a block from the train station. The restaurant in the hotel is called Bistro Bis and it is well regarded in the DC area for its food. Union Station also has access to the Washington Metro which easily can be taken to areas such as Penns Quarter/Chinatown/Verizon Center where places such as Jaleo (tapas), Zataynia (Greek/mediterranean small plates), Zola, Proof, Cuordaroy, Cuba Libre, Oyamel are all located as well as Dupont Circle with Pizza Paradiso, Bistro Du Coin amongst other restaurants are located.

      Bistro Bis
      15 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001