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Apr 21, 2011 12:58 PM

ISO Duck Legs for the poor (me)

I want to buy some duck legs while avoiding bankruptcy. Any ideas?

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  1. I often pick up duck legs, breasts and whole ducks from T&T. I am sure someone will disagree with me on the quality or find a reason to disagree with me but you can get an entire duck for under 12$.

    1. Longo's has not-frozen Brome Lake duck legs, usually about $3-$4 apiece. Sometimes I root around for four $3 legs and boom, I'm making duck confit for $12.

      1. I used to pick up duck legs direct from the King Cole Duck Plant on Warden north of Aurora Sideroad. I also used to get duck breast (fresh, smoked and peppered) there. Haven't been there for some time though. Call them and they'll fax you a price list. You should call in advance if you're looking for something specific to make sure they have stock.

        They used to also sell confit duck.

        1. Bloor St market under the manulife centre has them. It 's ia loblaw/valu-mart so the price point is not too high.