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Apr 21, 2011 12:28 PM

Help!!! Brownie Cheesecake

My girlfriend nominated me to make dessert for Easter dinner at HER parents this weekend. She also said it will be Brownie Cheesecake. Thanks a lot, love you too.

Anyway, I have real solid culinary skills but, dessert isn't my thing. I have bought plenty of brownie Cheesecakes and love most of them, but never once made them. I want ease. I'm a strong proponent of store bought brownies. I like the simplicity, the taste and they always taste the same. I don't know if I should use them though.

My plan is to use a store bought brownie mix, bake them, set aside, make cheesecake, place on top of brownie.

Is store bought the way to go? If not, can you hook me up with a good brownie recipe?
Is my method the way to go?
How about a good cheesecake recipe?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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  1. What about doing this cheesecake and using brownies made with store bought brownie mix for the brownie chunks?

    I think it's going to be really hard to execute what you described above where you move a cheesecake on to a pan of brownies without a lot of mess.

    1. I'd bake the brownies in the springform pan, let cool and then pour the cheesecake batter on top of it. Since you're not a baker, try the Baker's one bowl brownies. It comes together in no time.

      For a simple cheesecake recipe, try the basic Philadelphia cheesecake one:

      Use a water bath when you bake the cheesecake so it doesn't crack and let it sit in the oven (when the outer third is cooked through), turned off, door slightly ajar.

      1. I have never tried baking the brownie and the cheesecake separately and then setting the cheesecake on top of the baked brownie like you described. But I have made one where I made a bottom crust from a brownie batter which I first baked in the springform pan. Then I poured my cheesecake batter on top of the baked brownie bottom crust and baked the whole thing.

        Theoretically, my recipe should work with a store bought boxed brownie mix instead of making the brownie from scratch. HTH.

        1. I like this one. You basically mix up brownie batter in one bowl, cheesecake batter in the other, pour the brownie batter in the bottom and the cheesecake batter on top and bake. I don't do the swirl thing, because I like the color separation. I've had some recipes where the brownie part came out sort of dry, but this one doesn't. It's ideal if you can let the finished product sit in the fridge overnight-- they taste even better the next day.

          1. What you explain, I find to be very wonderful as a professional pastry chef. The components are stupidly simple and easy, just use store-bought stuff and make them.
            The big challenge will be to physically assemble said stuff into a visually appealing centerpiece.
            Personal recommendation from someone who has failed famously more than once: do not fear; go for it.,