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Apr 21, 2011 11:40 AM

Thank God real Mexican in Boca Raton!

wow, didn't think I'd ever find it. Tiny place on Palmetto Park in a strip center just west of Dixie had real deal tacos just like your Mexican madre used to make.... Have to try the Chilis Rellenos next time which is gonna be soon. She says her mom makes the mole can't wait to try that! Mi Casita is the place for real thing Mexican food in S Fl !

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  1. So how doe sthis compare to Dona Raquel in Pompano Beach?

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      Cant say never been there but I will thanks to your comment! I'm Mexican food obsessed, it must be real and must be fresh

    2. I just wished they had a few salsas for the tacos instead of the hot sauce they provide. In all fairness, this place is a dive with very minimal decor, if you can call it that. Mi Casita in the 7-11 strip mall center where Boca's Best Pizza is (which I heard BBP is no longer as good as it used to be since it changed ownership).

      1. It's about 1/10th the size of Dona Raquel. I've only had the tacos so far - they may not be the best in S Fl but they are pretty darn good. Especially for downtown Boca.

        One thing... I noticed with the tacos they give you 2 tortillas. The outer one has been grilled a bit, the inner one, I don't think so. So I've taken to doing a little reassembling and discarding the non-grilled one. I don't need extra carbs and this improves the overall taste anyway as now you only have the filling and 1 tortilla.

        Probably next time I'll just ask them to do this. I will also keep asking for more salsas and mention a few people I know like the place but would like more salsas.

        PS - I went to Boca's Best Pizza next door on a previous trip and was not overly impressed with the pizza there.

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        1. re: CFByrne

          Wow, you made there pretty quick! Of course we know that "best" is a relative term, especially for more exotic food like Chinese or Indian or Mexican....and good pizza is very hard to find. If you are from NY you are not gonna be happy. BTW the double tortilla thing is a regional mexican thing. This place is a very simple family place, no flashy furnishings but clean. They have a home made hot sauce in addition to the salsa they put on the table. Not a selection of hot sauces as again it's a very basic mom and pop kind of place. I told them I would put them on the internet but they don't have a connection, no email, no website. Again, mom and pop. If you want "good" pizza try Renzo's Cafe, not the restaurant, the little place on Federal Hwy just south of 70th St (where the ABC Liquor Store is located). They have a white pizza with bacon and mushrooms that's pretty darn good! I'll be hitting Dona Raquel this next week......

          1. re: skirkland

            > Wow, you made there pretty quick!

            Ummm... actually I wrote all about it, in this thread, on Feb 23


            1. re: skirkland

              Renzo's Cafe & Pizzeria is one of my favorites in this area.

              1. re: freakerdude

                But do they sell slices? Often I only want 2 slices for lunch.

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    They do sell slices at the pizzeria on US1 north of Hotdog-opolis for sure.


                    1. re: CFByrne

                      They sell slices at the Cafe location only, and only at lunch, not dinner.....

                      1. re: skirkland

                        there is a Renzo's cafe on Clint Moore near Military as well. Pizza by the slice, varieties change regularly. not a bad place for slices. I also like Brooklyn Boys pizza at Glades and 441 amongst the mall buildings for eat-in slices. Apparently there are delivery and take out problems but I've had good slices in the place. I really like Anthony's CFP on Powerline in BR but you can't get slices. Ask them to make sure that they cover the pizza with sauce (and cheese) so you don't get big bare patches though.

                        Renzo's Cafe West Cafeteria and Restaurant
                        1906 Clint Moore Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33496

                1. re: CFByrne

                  Photo of recent visit to Mi Casita - three tacos - I think all were Chorizo...

                2. We stopped by a few weeks ago (ash wednesday). No fish at all. A real letdown, we had to leave. The menu didn't look inviting enough for my wife to want to return (no tongue or liver). No threat yet to Doña Raquel.

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                  1. re: mbpg

                    Again, this is a very simple mom and pop hole in the wall much like you would find in a medium size Mexican town (although this one might be a tad cleaner than those you would find in MX) features nothing fancy, though I seem to recall they did offer lengua (I might be wrong), but I know she seemed very proud of their mole and I think they had Chiles Relleno. Again, this is a really basic little place. I'm going to try Dona Raquel today....its just more of a hike from Boca.

                    1. re: skirkland

                      Any day is a good day to eat at Dona Raquel. The shrimp combination, some fried, some sauteed is the deal of the century. For the basic taco don't overlook La Fondita just down the road.

                      1. re: elgringoviejo

                        OK well I'm here now awaiting an order of Tacos Dorados and wow the guac they just served me looks good.....

                        1. re: elgringoviejo

                          Pretty good, came to the grocery next door once, we have no Mexican grocery closer to Boca. Tacos Dorados like what they called taquitos when I've been in Mexico. Guac pretty but unfortunately very little avocado mostly onions and tomatoes. I'll try the "regular" soft tacos next visit. Nice people and the food was good, more than I could eat.

                          1. re: skirkland

                            If you want to to drive north, El Bogedon is an excellent Mexican grocery store in Lantana. But I would have to imagine there would be some in Deerfield or Pompano. I go there to buy achiote, dried peppers, ginger beer, kola soda, and El Yucateco hot sauces.

                            El Bodegon Grocery
                            6128 S Congress Av. Lantana, Fl 33462


                            1. re: freakerdude

                              Thank you...I'll check it out. I drove to the one next to the taqueria to get some different types of chile powders to make some Texas red. They didn't have them and Winn Dixie and Publix here have only one blend, as well as Albertsons in Ft. Lauderdale. I'll check this place out, guess I need to go mail order if they don't have it or I'll have to grind my own (not.....too lazy). I like to mix different varieties in my chili.

                            2. re: skirkland

                              Word on the streets from the PB Post is that the small mexican grocer Bravo has opened up near the northwest corner of Interstate 95 and Woolbright Road.

                              1. re: freakerdude

                                Cool. My local Publix doesn't carry those cans of Adobe Chipotle peppers/sauce - which I use a lot. I end up buying 5 cans elsewhere and hanging on to them.

                        2. re: mbpg

                          This is a tiny hole in the wall - as I said in my post "about 1/10 the size of Dona R". A place to grab a taco or three for 2 bucks each.

                          Considering the location near Mizner, I think that's remarkable and not a "let down" if you know what you are going to get. It's a tiny place with a tiny menu. But it is authentic.

                          Most other restaurants in downtown boca, you're more likely to see "2 Baja Fish Tacos, Just $14.95".

                          1. re: CFByrne

                            I know it's a hole in the wall - we sat down and looked at the menu before leaving. No problem with that. Still, I didn't mean to come across so harsh. I'll go back, just on the strength of the opinions of the regular posters here.

                            As for the $14.95 fish tacos, you wouldn't be referring to Uncle Julios by any chance? We were there a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the meal. Well, actually, not so much the food. It was a nice facility. You know, large, clean, big bar (we had an alcohol-free lunch), waiter named Jeff. Like Chilis or TGIF only pricier. The happy hour margaritas are probably their biggest draw Blindfolded, though, it would be hard to identify as "Mexican" cuisine.

                            1. re: mbpg

                              I actually like Uncle Julios for lunch on occasion and the roasted salsa is pretty darned good. Big, open, corporate, and professional service. Food just average.

                              1. re: mbpg

                                Nah I wasn't alluding to any place in partic, just that almost every restaurant in town now has "2 Baja Fish Tacos" on the menu. I'm exagertating a bit, but not too much :-)

                          2. So Cal - style joint now open by the beach, Palmetto and A1A basically. Time for a little road trip to check it out.

                            "Rock Hard Tacos sports a Chipotle-style ordering station where patrons can see their food before adding it to salads, nachos, tacos, burritos or quesadillas. You'll get a great view of the ingredients, including pork chorizo, carnitas (shredded pork), machaca (shredded beef), carne asada (steak), shredded chicken, and the place's own classic or refried cumin-infused black beans."