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Apr 21, 2011 11:20 AM


I drove by this place and it looks like its ready to open. (Sepulveda near Culver Blvd) Are they open? Has anyone tried it. I assume they are the same Abbots Pizza that is on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Great pizzas I might add.

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  1. Yeah that's great, haven't tried this location or know if its open, but thanks for the info

    1. In Culver City, I love LaRocco's Pizzeria.

      LaRocco's Pizzeria
      3819 Main St, Culver City, CA 90232

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        1. re: reality check

          Their daily special is a pretty good deal too. And those slices are huge!

        2. it's definitely the same chain as the Abbott's in Venice and Santa Monica.

          No, they aren't open yet.

          I'm looking forward to getting some of their pizza (it's in my neighborhood). I do sort of miss the little bakery that went out to make room for Abbott's. That little stretch of Sepulveda used to have three good coffee places. One went out, became some wine place and is now Sweet Pea (or whatever that place is called.). The other went out and is becoming Abbott's.

          On another pizza note: Does anyone have an opinion on Vinny's Pizza. They currently have a location on Lincoln, sort of across the street from the Westchester Alejo's. They are opening up next to Asa Ya in the same parking lot as Ronnie's Diner on Culver.

          For what it's worth, there is some weird sort of Italian convergence going on on Lincoln in Westchester. There is Alejo's and some other pizza place on the west side of the street, Vinny's is on the east side and down the street from Vinny's is Italy's Little Kitchen.

          There are actually a bunch of restaurants on that stretch of Lincoln. Next to Alejo's is a Thai place and a Japanese restaurant that I have a gift certificate for, plus the Chicago Ribs place and a bar and grill. Across the street is an Indian place and a crepes spot I think. I should go to some of these place, huh?

          Ronnie's Diner
          12740 Culver Blvd Ste J, Los Angeles, CA 90066

          Italy's Little Kitchen
          8516 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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          1. re: PaulF

            i recommend that you avoid Vinny's,

            If you like your italian red sauce to taste like stewed onions, then Italy's Little Kitchen might work for you, but if your palate finds this revolting as mine does, skip that one too.

            the Thai place near Alejos is, imho, not nearly as good as Ayara Thai Cuisine which is only a few miles farther east south of manchester.

            the crepe place makes their crepes in a japanese style (one big huge crepe with no detectable egginess), i prefer the french style crepes served by Metro Cafe

            all the places you mentioned are walking distance from my house. i wanted so much to love them, but my taste buds said, 'NO.'

            Ayara Thai Cuisine
            6245 W 87th St, Los Angeles, CA 90045

            Italy's Little Kitchen
            8516 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

          2. We were by earlier and called the phone number on the awning - 310-398-9000 - and no answer yet. They look pretty close to opening though...

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            1. re: bulavinaka

              Its not as interesting since they aren't the same as on abbot kinney

              1. re: apple7blue

                To me, whether it's interesting or not is irrelevant. I am just hoping that this new location turns out food that is closer in quality to the Abbot Kinney location than the Santa Monica location does.

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  Why would it if its totally unrelated? (See PaulF's post in this thread) The Santa Monica one is part of the same chain.

                  1. re: apple7blue

                    Sorry - I apologize for not understanding your response. All I'm saying is:

                    1) The interest level you refer to (I am assuming you mean the vibe on Abbot Kinney) has no relevance to me personally. I am more concerned about the end-product coming out of the kitchen.

                    2) I prefer the Abbot Kinney location because the quality of the food is better than the Santa Monica location. The Santa Monica location has been notoriously sad for us compared to the Abbot Kinney location.

                    3) I am hoping the that the Culver City location does not end up being like the Santa Monica location in terms of quality.

                    4) Since you were responding my my entry about calling, and your response seems unrelated to my post, and then you ask me to refer to PaulF's post, I'm even more baffled. Are you referring to his comment about the CC location being part of the same chain as the Venice and Santa Monica location? If so, yes, I'm well aware of this Culver City location being part of the same (now mini-) chain of pizza shops.


                    1. re: bulavinaka

                      I've never been to the Santa Monica Branch, but the Pizza from the Venice hole in the wall is VERY good and I am hoping that the CC location is as good. A taste will tell, I'm surprised that the phone number doesn't at least have a recorded message. The place looks ready to open.

                      1. re: Baron

                        I've been disappointed with the SM location too many times. The last was about a month or so ago where the salad pizza had no cream base on the pizza (I think it's sour cream with maybe some ricotta and lemon). Oftentimes something is missing, or under/over-baked, etc. The crew at the Venice location get it right just about every time. And that's why I brought up the potential quality issue - being able to get Abbot's pizza off Abbot Kinney but with the same quality would be great.

                          1. re: bulavinaka

                            Isnt it a "bagel dough" that they use for pizza?

                            1. re: bulavinaka

                              I agree the Venice location is better, but I've never gone wrong with the wild mushroom pizza from the SM location.

                          2. re: bulavinaka

                            Just to clarify--I generally just add my posts as a reflection of all that I read so this includes the posts below here also not just as a direct response to the exact post. I meant I wasn't as interested as you are.

                            I haven't been to the Santa Monica branch myself--but the Santa Monica one is different from the Abbot Kinney branch. Originally I thought Baron said it was the same one--as in they were moving. I figured if that were the case--then it'd be the same great quality pizza and perhaps less ridiculous prices. Two case studies of what I mean--Berri's pizza, there is one by the beach and one on Third Street. The one on Third street used better ingredients, the beach one uses tasteless black olive slice versus on Third using whole gourmet olives (they now cut them up). The other case study--Domenico's Old Town pizzeria had excellent food. After they closed, I made the trek to the other locations run by members of the same family--and was very disappointed. I am just saying there is no reason to expect this location to be as good given that the Santa Monica branch is not.

                            By the way, they don't use bagel dough for the pizza. They have bagel crust pizza. This is just to clarify for people who haven't been there and are dreading or expecting bagel dough pizza.

                            1. re: apple7blue

                              Very clear now! I'm just wondering on the bagel dough vs. crust issue, if the crust is bagel, then isn't the dough bagel? Not being a wise-ass - it just seems to be a logical line of reasoning. Yes, this is not a pizza built on a bagel, nor a pizza built on a Noah's-like poofy bready disc - just to clarify.

                              1. re: bulavinaka

                                According to the owners--a couple days ago, it's NY style pizza dough. The bagel crust is in the toppings on the crust--…ONION …GARLIC …SESAME …POPPY …HOT-CRUST …THE BLEND.

                                1. re: apple7blue

                                  I'm shocked... utterly shocked... :)

                                  So are they open on Sepulveda yet?

                                    1. re: Bob Brooks

                                      Great! Who is going to give us the first report?

                                      1. re: Baron

                                        Picked up a couple of salad pizza slices and four slices from the cases for take out and am glad to report that we enjoyed what we ate. The salad pizza didn't have as much of the cream mix that they slather on before laying down the salad greens, but it actually resulted in a nice balance. Slices from the case included plain cheese, pepperoni/sausage/mushroom, spicy chicken and barbecue chicken - the couple in front of us grabbed the last two slices of our favorite wild mushroom. Other than that, short of performing a blind taste test between the three locations, I'd say the Culver City location is off to a good start.

                                        1. re: bulavinaka

                                          Thanks for the report. Sounds very encouraging. Will give it a try real soon.

                                          1. re: Baron

                                            We went in about 6:30-7PM and two couples were in line while folks were eating at three or four tables as well. The crew there consisted of three staff, plus a couple of delivery guys waiting for their orders. As an afterthought if I were looking for certain types of slices, it might be worth calling in before heading there. They have no problems making a new pie if your choice of slices aren't on the rack, but it takes about 10-15 minutes.

                                    1. re: Baron

                                      According to the web site, they are open from 10am to 11pm, midnight on Fri/Sat.

                                      4410 Sepulveda Blvd.
                                      Culver City, CA 90230

                                      Abbot's Pizza Co
                                      4410 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

                                      1. re: DiveFan

                                        Note: For delivery the hours are 11am - 10pm.

                                        1. re: mohansen

                                          Would you happen to know their delivery radius? Thanks...

                                          1. re: bulavinaka

                                            I don't! My husband and I used to walk to the one on Abbot Kinney when we worked in Venice. However, we live near the CC store now (1.5 miles away), and are thinking about ordering from there for the first time tonight. The website says: "$3 delivery charge - delivery charge may be more depending on area and size of order." If I learn anything more, I'll let you know!

                    2. What does lapizzamaven think about Abbots? Her or his word is bond. :)