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Apr 21, 2011 11:18 AM

dinner in santa fe

I have to host a dinner in Santa Fe this June. Price is not a consideration. There will be 50 to 60 people. I would like to avoid continental or italian, as most people there are from big cities in Europe and North America, so they can always get that cuisine. I have the usual suspects, Geronimo, Santa Cafe, etc. What about Epazote, which looks interesting, but the concierge has not mentioned.

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  1. Eyelean, I just got back and was prepared to post a message on a number of places I hit in Sante Fe. Epazote was a quirky treat. We wandered in very early, around 530 pm, on a Monday nite and it was obviously quite slow, but filled up while we were there. Max's and Restaurant Martin were closed. We had just landed from Tampa and we just wanted a glass of wine and maybe an appetizer. We were seated in a small intimate wine bar(no liquor) and enjoyed a nice Malbec as well as a Tempranillo. Solid list. The server brought out a complementary selection of three moles as each evening the chef creates a menu around these wonderful sauces. The restaurant is connected to an eclectic gallery that makes for a nice counterpoint to the dining experience. The chef came out and was quite engaging. Im a CIA grad and quizzed him on a number of the menu items and enjoyed the rapport. He insisted on bring out a soup with blue crab, poblano crema, amaretto foam and a dusting of cinnamon. Truly unique and a surprising harmony. We ordered the cuitlacoche(mexican truffle) dish, which was outstanding. Also really liked the tuna tartare app with the right amount of heat. I'd have no hesitation to recommend it for your party. The dining room could accommodate about that many but Im not certain if they have additional banquet space.. We headed out to Boca for dinner afterwards which was great but probably way too small. I hope it works out ! I forgot that they also brought out a complementary Jalapeno Reduction Salsa with a touch of cream that was perfectly balanced and delicious with fresh tortillas. I was amazed at the hospitality and pride at Epazote. Truly felt I was a guest while there.

    Restaurant Martin
    526 Galisteo, Santa Fe, NM 87501