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Apr 21, 2011 11:13 AM

Gourmet Burger. It was very good but too much $$$$

I just came back from lunch at "Le Gourmet Burger". I feel it was a very expensive lunch for a trio (1 double burger, 1 sweet potatoes fries and a 1 coke) My total bill was 21$ all taxes included in their prices.

It took almost 30 minutes before I got my meal from order to first bite. I was starving.
Place is to small to sit there with friends and your clothes will have the wonderful smell of smoke from the grill and the oil from the fryers.

basic burger is 5$ it includes lettuce tomatoes and caramelized onions.

Where the party starts is with the toppings that kill ya!
Bacon 1$
jalapeno hot peppers 1$
Sundried tomato Pesto 1$
Sautéed Mushrooms 2$
Swiss cheese 2$

Sweet potato fries cone 3$

Coke 3$

It was a good burger but not 21$ good
let's say I didn't have the double patty. It would have been 3$ less
at 18$ and it would still be too much for what it was. A trio!
At that price it wasn't that good to go back.

Le Gourmet Burger
1433B Bishop, Montreal, QC H3G 2E4, CA

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  1. that's a pretty big lunch though

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    1. re: celfie

      I know, right? You add up the toppings and that's like a whole 'nother sammich.

      In re: the OP, no matter how good a burger purports to be no one should pay that much for toppings. It's better to have specialty burgers that utilize them and charge accordingly. When toppings are that much, well...frankly, it seems silly. Now if we can convince Richard Blais to come up here and open a Flip, the specialty burger thing will be very very worth it.

      1. re: celfie

        @Celfie: A big lunch ?!?! It's the same burger with the toppings. I didn't get a half pound of toppings ;) this is way to expensive in my book!

        Burger de ville gives a tons of toppings included in the price of a basic burger.

        I got maybe less than an once of sautéed mushrooms and I think it's cheaper to buy magic mushrooms ;) And they weren't even freshly sautéed. Cold from the fridge :(

        Unless you stick to a basic burger way to expensive for what you are getting.

      2. On a side note the truffle oil they offer is the biggest rip off I have ever scummed to.

        1. Wow that's quite expensive! There's a place called Burger De Ville on St. Laurent and on Westminster that has amazing burgers for a lot less. I suggest you try it out. The burgers are 100% real beef. The bacon and cheese burger starts off at $5.50 and all other toppings are free! (jalapeno peppers, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions... you name it). Their steaks are really good too. Although, their wait time is similar to Gourmet Burger or a little faster. Regardless I suggest you give this place a try one day. I guarantee you will be satisfied.

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          1. re: VikPham

            @VickPham: I know burger de ville on st-Laurent is like 4.50$ for a basic burger and you get lots of free topping for free including sauteed mushrooms and sauteed onions.

            They also gove you a large portion of fries usually more than enough for two people. Their Caesar salad is excellent

            The burger is not expensive at 5$ tax in at Le gourmet but the toppings kill you!

            Burger de Ville
            5282 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC , CA

            1. re: maj54us

              Le gourmet reminds me of mbrgr on drummond where they charge you for toppings. I'm a person that goes crazy for toppings. Thanks for your post. I don't think I'll ever go there.

              1. re: VikPham

                you'll be glad to know that harvey's offers unlimited toppings

                1. re: celfie

                  yes but the toppings are extremely limited

                  1. re: celfie

                    Not only are the toppings limited, the burger is not 100% real beef. Burger De Ville has a lot more exciting toppings than the regular lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup..etc. Harveys is more fast food while Burder De Ville would be more gourmet.

              2. re: VikPham

                Seconding Burder de Ville! I usually go to the Westminster location and I'm always satisfied. Really, really tasty.

              3. now ditch all those fancy toppings and tell me it's actually a good hamburger.

                1. The original comment has been removed