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Apr 21, 2011 10:40 AM

Harris Ranch - Great Fresh Steak

Just got back from a week in central California and wanted to make sure that people know about the fresh (raw) steak that is available at Harris Ranch. I selected a filet and porterhouse which were cryovaced and placed in a heavy paper bag with ice packs. This extra step was unexpected and greatly appreciated, the meat held at a safe temperature until we arrived in Fresno 2 hours later. If you are driving along the 5 and want a source for locally raised/processed (but not pastured or grass-fed) beef, this is a great option.

They have a kick-ass trailer directly in front of the restaurant with red oak smoking some whole rib-eyes. The cook mentioned to me that give a light smoke to the meat and then bring them up to serving temperature for service. They looked good!


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  1. We always keep a few Harris Ranch frozen short rib dinners stashed in the freezer for last-minute dinner parties. They are delicious. And you can get them in local supermarkets.