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Apr 21, 2011 09:36 AM

Prairie Food Trucks - A Possibility?

A late night encounter with some Cabernet and Food Network Canada got me thinking about the recent trend in food trucks - is this something that's feasible year-round in the cold climate of the Canadian prairies? Is it a viable business venture? I don't know if any food trucks in Winnipeg that follow the spirit of the current trend, although there are of course some hamburger/hot dog places.

Should I start a Bannock Buggy?

What does everyone think? Do you have food trucks in your prairie city?


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  1. well, there's rocky's burger bus in calgary, does that count? The calgary cart scene is pretty poor.

    on a more serious note, there's food & chip trucks in eastern canada and plenty of food carts in the NE states, and their weather can be just as depressing as ours so it's hardly a climate thing. From what I understand it's more of a city licensing thing. If you really want to foster an environment for food carts, cities have to be more open to providing the space for them at a reasonable cost. I think certain health regulations make it difficult for carts as well, so those would need to be relaxed. contact your mayer/alderman?

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      Good point about the weather in Eastern Canada, although I still struggle to see people standing outside to eat in the middle of winter - perhaps if you could park close enough to some major public buildings or office buildings and people had the possibility of refuge from the cold it would work out better...
      Or what about a drive-up food cart?

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        I have also been day dreaming about this idea a lot recently. A co-worker of mine makes incredibly good Indian food; I have been trying to convince him to open a restaurant for some time.
        Then it hit me he should buy a food truck, if he went to all the construction sites up in Airdrie I’m sure he would make a killing, I can’t believe no one has done it already

    2. In Edmonton we have increasingly more... but they aren't open year-round. Even the hot dog places like Fat Franks aren't open year round except for a permanent spot in a downtown mall food court.

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        The Fat Franks in Commerce Place Food Court shut down last year - they couldn't make it work indoors (my guess is the terrible customer service couldn't overcome the delicious dogs and fries).

        On another note though, we enjoyed the 'Eva Sweet' Belgian waffle truck parked downtown all last summer, so yes we've seen new and increasingly more options. Hopefully this will continue.

        1. re: MrsCris

          I haven't been in that food court for a couple of years, so thank you for the update. The service at that location certainly wasn't great.

        1. Well, for those who don't know there will be a new entry into Calgary with Jojo's BBQ...I've been following her on facebook and she says her "Chariot of Smoke" will be parked at BBQ's Galore on Edmonton Trail. She's got a custom smoker in her converted motorhome!!!

          I really hope she opens some doors for other food trucks. I would love to see us embrace this as a city, even if it is a seasonal phenom!

          Here's her website, I imagine folks who've been in Calgary longer might know her? She worked for the Palomino?

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          1. re: messier

            Nice find! I can't wait to try this out. Also, I completely agree with you about opening doors for other food trucks. There's no reason we can't make it work here in Calgary.

          2. Well, Zolli, it looks our dreams of a plethora of mobile eateries to choose from will never come to fruition within Winnipeg.....


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              Three cheers to Kives for bringing this issue to light.