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Apr 21, 2011 09:10 AM

Duggans is closed (permanently)

This was discussed in another thread. I guess the "misunderstanding" between the landlord and Duggans was more than a misunderstanding.

If only he had a better plan in place (and more beer options)....and his duck poutine was damn good.

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  1. Oh that's really too bad. I love the duck poutine as well. A few weeks ago, DH wanted to go, but I was too lazy - I regret that now!

    1. I don't want to start a new thread because I haven't had any of their beer, but does anyone have any thoughts on the Toronto Beer Academy that as taken over this space?

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      1. re: julesrules

        A write up here:

        Knowing that it is owned by Molson's makes me think it is nothing special and just a "front" for them but I haven't been myself.

        1. re: ylsf

          Thanks. I noticed the Creemore connection and I know they sold out a while back (I'm still a fan) but somehow it didn't occur to me this place was Molson. Odd concept for a mass brewer.
          I've had mixed experiences trying to patronize the place for growlers to take home which is my primary interest. This week their retail door was locked (it was during posted hours) and the woman inside, who was previously helpful, just gave me a funny look. I didn't hang around/try other doors.

          1. re: ylsf

            I hate to come down on the cuckoo side of things, but unless someone can explain to me otherwise, I see this as a front for the Molson's as they try to steal back some of the minimal market share they've lost to microbrews in recent years. I would have far more respect for this place if they placed a Molson logo prominently on their signage. Without that, I see them as hiding something or being deceptive.

            There's nothing wrong with Creemore or some of those other beers under the Molson umbrella, but if you truly support microbreweries and local Toronto beer why not support them directly rather than this weirdly evasive marketing operation where every beer apparently comes with a pretentious lecture?

            1. re: Gary

              Walked in there a couple of months ago. Stood around for a while, none of the staff seemed to want to talk to me. Looked in the fridge but didn't see anything too interesting. Left.

              1. re: Squiggles

                The space is run by Molson's 6 pints division. This is their craft brewery arm (Creemore and Granville Island are 6 pints breweries).

                There's no doubt that this is a very weird space. I thought it looked nice (retail area) but I don't think that I'd ever order a beer there and sit down. (It's odd enough that I'm not sure you can).

                Having said that, the on site beers are very well executed. I have had the belgian brown, klosh and black lager. I think the mandate is to brew beers that are completely representative of the styles. They do them well but I think the price point is expensive at $6.50 a quart. (that works out to about a $19 6 pack).

                Ultimately, this would not be a viable space if it weren't also the corporate offices of 6 pints but the beer is not bad for what it is.