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Looking for a Good Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn

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Can anyone recommend a great Jewish bakery? It doesn't have to be kosher, but I'm looking for a place that's more on the "savory" side than sweets...Think great bagels, bialys, challah, pumpernickel, seeded rye for sandwiches. I'm not as interested in cakes or cookies. Anywhere in Brooklyn, preferably. Thanks!

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  1. Strange time to make this request; you're definitely going to have to wait 'til Passover is over. Then look at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/690428

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      So right...but the next best thing this week is to invest in a couple pounds of shmura-matzohs from wherever you can still get them. The burnt-er the better! I've got Shatzer's in the house and savoring every morsel.