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Apr 21, 2011 08:58 AM

Easter (holidays) Traditions... might never be the same

Every year since I was born the holidays were at my Grandmothers House. All homecooked goodies and specialties that only she could make with a hand full of other close family members. The family cook book passed down through generations of Italian-American creations. (Actually, now I can make some of the items a lot better, but would never dare speak those words) I learned to LOVE food and traditions through every single second spent in the kitchen with all of them!!

However , this year on Easter the unspeakable happened. WE ARE GOING OUT TO EAT !!! This was based on a logitical no hassel choice, that I was against.

I would love to hear some all of your Easter Traditions ( or any celebration) .... For a fear some of mine my never happen again :-(

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  1. I love family holiday traditions and have very fond memories of the Easters spent growing up.

    During our married but childless years, my husband and I did whatever we felt like for holidays. Now that I have a daughter of my own, having established traditions for her is very important to me.

    Being a good Lutheran girl, there is a lot of church involved. Easter for us starts with Palm Sunday, followed by Maunday Thursday communion service at church (tonight), Good Friday service tomorrow night, an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and then the big day.

    We go to church at 8:00 and participate in three services (husband and I are both involved in music at church) and have an Easter brunch at church. Then we have a traditional ham dinner with all the usual stuff at our house in the afternoon, followed by an Easter egg hunt for my daughter and the children of friends who will be joining us.

    Food is very important but the church services and time with family and friends are really the main event.