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Apr 21, 2011 07:30 AM

Turin Suggestions?

I am going to Turin for a conference at the University. Could you please suggest some yummy places to eat in this vicity. I don't eat meat but fish is fine. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Quite a bit of threads here on Turin; here is a report I wrote in 2009, about two restaurants:

    1. I searched our rather limited Turin Restaurant database for "fish" and came up with attached list

      1. Our favorite seafood restaurant in Turin is Da Benito. I've been there many times and was always impressed with the food. They are not in the central part of the city, but the food merits a cab ride. The restaurant is at Corso Siracusa, 142 in Turin.

        1. I will ask a good friend who is a student at Torino U, and get back to you in a few days

          1. My student friend at Torino U. who is a native Piemontese and appreciates local cuisine recommends:

            La Spada Reale,

            Ristorante Porta di Po, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 1e.telefono:011 8127642 ;

            Il Gatto E La Volpe Di Linzalata Massimo, Via Antonio Fontanesi, 33, 10153 Torino Trasporto pubblico: Fermata 576 - ANDORNO 011 8126882

            Look forward to your reviews!

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                Spacesasha, I've been to La Spada Reale and they do not serve Piemontese cuisine. It is a pizzeria that also makes some good Sicilian style seafood dishes.

                1. re: VILLAFAVOLOSA

                  Ciao VF, a gentle reminder that the OP didn't specify Piemontese cuisine, but asked for Yummy places near the university and for seafood. Since we are landlocked in Piemonte, seafood could not be local cuisine, although of course you live much closer to Il Mare then Torino :-)

                  Funnily enough my student friend's grandparents are from Sicily, so there is the connection.

                  Buona Pasqua

                  1. re: Villasampaguita

                    There most certainly are Piemontese preparations of seafood and fish dishes. Historically anchovies and tuna have played an important role in Piemontese cuisine and there are many local recipes using seafood, such as Acciughe al verde. Although "landlocked", Turin is only about 2 hours away from the Mediterranean and has some of the freshest seafood available in Europe.

                    I simply wanted to let Spacesasha know that Laspada is basically a pizzeria. I always think it is a better practice not to recommend a place unless I've personally been there.


                    1. re: VILLAFAVOLOSA

                      I agree about recommending places that you have been too , but I am not been near the university and I do know my friend has good taste. Spada Reale has a nice website though. And yes any Piedmontese cook and my wife is acknowledged as one of the best, know about the accuighe traditions of Piedmont and the historic trade over the Maritime alps, but I don't care much for baccalad! Cheers.