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Apr 21, 2011 05:49 AM

Basket Cheese in the burbs?

Anyone in the Bucks/Mont area know where I can get Basket Cheese? I called Bova and they're out.
Genuardi's used to carry it but since they're not Genuardi's any more (Safeway) they don't have it anymore.

TIA for any tips!

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  1. A quick search of the Wegmans website did pull it up there. You might call Warminster or Collegeville to see if they have any in stock.

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        I found basket cheese at the ShopRite.

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          It's fresh cow's milk cheese, the curds are put into a basket and pressed ligtly and the whey drains out through the holes. it's unsalted and really mild. I always thought that it was basically a drained unsalted ricotta, but someone once told me that was wrong.

          we always use it making Italian Pizza Rustica for Easter

      2. Thanks all! if anyone else is looking for it, my Pop went to Talluto's on Foundry Road in Norristown and he says they have a few left (after he picked up three for me)

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          Carlino's in Ardmore & West Chester carries it. They even sent out a special mailer on it... I've never tried it, but it sounds great!

          "My fondest memories of Easter are always those of my Nonna, Chef Angela Carlino. My Nonna would be the first one in the kitchen to get started on the feast preparation. I would awake to the smell of Mama's holiday soup slowly cooking each Easter morning. She would have a table set with her famous Easter Bread, Basket Cheese drizzled with Carlino's Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cracked black pepper, and also an animal-shaped cookie for each grandchild; my siblings and I would always fight for the Lamb-shaped cookie because it was the biggest and most beautiful. With Mama Carlino, there was always an array of delicious Easter goodies to start the day of feasting. The most traditional Easter morning specialty is Easter Meat Pie, stuffed with Basket Cheese. Basket Cheese is a mild cheese that tastes like a combination of ricotta, pressed cottage cheese, and fresh mozzarella. (Some nutrition facts, Basket Cheese has 14 grams of Protein and about 26% of the Daily Recommended Value for Calcium. It also has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are heart healthy and great for brain function.)"