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Apr 21, 2011 03:59 AM

Nashua to Hillsborough, NH - Where to eat?

I live in Nashua and am looking for an excuse to drive up to German John's Bakery. I would like to find a good, casual place for lunch anywhere in between the two towns. I have been to the Pasta Loft and Red Arrow in Milford but would like to find something new. Any suggestions?

I saw on an earlier thread someone said Tooky Mills Pub was pretty good. Thoughts?

Tooky Mills Pub
9 Depot St, Hillsborough, NH 03244

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  1. Riverhouse Cafe in Milford....go for the breakfast items.

    You could also do Rustic Leaf in Milford....they used to own Seedling Cafe in Nashua.

    The Riverhouse Cafe
    123 Union Sq, Milford, NH 03055

    1. You could also eat at German John's--he makes a nice bratwurst sandwich. Just don't put mustard on his pretzels--he says the pretzel cries! Another choice in Hillsborough is Nonni's, an Italian place:

      If you have some time for sightseeing, the back road up to Hillsborough Center and further to Washington is beautiful. Washington's common with church and meeting house is essential New England.

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        I second the suggestion to take a drive to Hillsborough Center and Washington.

        If you want VERY casual, there's a new bbq place in Hillsborough but I can't remember the name. It's mostly a take-out place. It's on the right just before you get to the lights in town. We haven't been to Tooky Mills in too long. Check to see if they are open for lunch. It's also been ages since we've been to Daniel's in Henniker but you can get a table overlooking the river. If you like used books there's two used book stores in the area.

        If you are driving up I93 you could stop in Concord for lunch at Sunshine Oriental. Very casual place on Loudon Rd on your left (heading East) just after MacDonalds.Very warm and friendly owners. If you just want a sandwich, the Sandwich Depot on Hall St is good. It's an old railroad station. Get off I93 at exit 13. After lunch continue West on Hall St and you come to the entrance/end of I89 for your drive to Hillsborough.

        Sandwich Depot
        49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301