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Apr 21, 2011 12:10 AM

Good Persian Catering for Wedding?

Dear Fellow Chowhounds,

I'm looking for good Persian catering for a 150 person Wedding. It would be a benefit if their services are reasonably priced and located close to Walnut Creek (max an hour's or so drive away). We would love any of your input and recommendations before we make a huge commitment for our and 150 other stomachs!

Many Thanks,


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  1. I haven't known what reasonably priced meant since the grad student with the $50000 budget but the prices quoted here are a bit high for me.

    1. Call La Med on Fillmore; I'm pretty sure the owner is Persian (he's definitely not Meditteranean) and I'd bet he'd have a fabulous recommendation for you. He is full of incredible information about catering and Bay Area ethnic cuisines. The owner of Dosa may also know; another wonderful contact.

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        The owners are Armenian (I don't know from where; perhaps Lebanon).

      2. Ask the folks at Shalizaar in Belmont (San Carlos?). Most of the foods I like there (the rice and kebabs) would hold up fine, and the website says they do catering. The space is always beautiful decked out.

        300 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002

        1. You might ask the lady at Zand's in Albany on Solano. She's definitely Persian and very charming and accommodating. She has a market/small bistro/catering service. She makes fesenjoon and kebaps and beef cutlets and lots of other Persian dishes including pastry.

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