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Apr 20, 2011 11:25 PM


This was from Romorantin in France was greatly enjoyed by me in Paris a few nights ago. It is chenin blanc supposedly, somewhat demi-sec with a good tinge of oxidation and is from pre-phylloxera vines.Vintage drunk was 2004. Anyone ever heard of it ? Or seen in US ?

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  1. Romorantin is the grape, not chenin blanc. Romorantin is usually associated with wines from Cour-Cheverny and a few of us on the board have praised it. It's called the riesling of the Loire Valley.
    Provignage is from the Nantes area of the Loire Valley. Oddly enough, it's further west than Muscadet.
    Wine Searcher shows Provignage is sold in California and New York. Cour-Cheverny has wider distribution with producers like Tessier, Cazin and Puzelat.