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Apr 20, 2011 10:58 PM

AZTECA Restaurant & Bakery Toms River NJ

Pass this place tonight.....hearing some good reviews.....anyone been?...

2114 U.S. 9 & Cox Cro Rd.
Toms River, NJ
(732) 608-0460

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  1. Stopped by today after dinner at Nino's. The place sure smells good (small bakery in the back). Picked up a menu, and will hopefully try them soon.


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    1. re: johnandlisa

      John thats great........I'll probably have lunch there next week also... fingers crossed !

    2. Keep driving by. Service was below average, wait for food was a joke in an empty restaurant, and when the food finally came - it was cold to room temperature. Pricey for less than par Mexican.

      1. Stopped in for lunch today....tried the $5.00 Lunch specials Cubano Sandwich...service was very friendly, atmosphere with wall murals bright colors...nice fresh salsa/chips, Tamale appetizer was delicious, Cubano sandwich was very good..Excellent fresh baked roll with Ham,Egg, Marinated Pork, Mexican cheese, very tasty, Mandarin Orange Mexican Soda.....they also have a wonderful selection of Mexican Pastries also...good lunch !

        1. We had dinner again last night at Azteca haven't been in a while & it was delicious, BYOB, & a nice surprise was
          LIVE Latin Music also..great fast friendly service, we ordered the Chipotle Chicken, Cubano Torta Sandwich, Guacamole,
          Beef Burrito which was excellent, IMO the best Mexican food in the area....

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          1. re: Tapas52

            We had dinner there in May and really enjoyed it

            1. re: Njchicaa

              Njchicaa....great, glad you had a good time, I said it's the best we have around here for Mexican. Another thing I enjoyed was that they don't drown every dish with so much cheese like many places do,..even the salsa & chips was wonderful & fresh,...will be back very soon. The guitar player added a nice touch also..I requested some Jose Feliciano songs & was really amazed at how good his renditions were. His tip jar was full.. ;-)

          2. Yesterday went for lunch again,.They have a nice Lunch menu,...I ordered the excellent Tacos Pastor seasoned perfectly with grilled Pineapples,& the Killer Fajitas also. Dont forget to ask for the Homemade Hot Sauces, Orange & Green YUM! Toms River needed a Great Mexican restaurant.