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Apr 20, 2011 07:39 PM

All-Clad D5 Stainless Discontinued?

Does anyone know if the All-Clad D5 Stainless series is discontinued? Williams Sonoma has stopped carrying it and is selling out what stock they have. My fiance and I had just registered for the line when we found out. Does anyone know if they'll be a comparable replacement from All-Clad or an alternative we should consider?


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  1. They are having a sale that ends Saturday but I've heard nothing of it being discontinued.

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    1. re: rasputina

      The e-mail I got from their customer service stated:

      "The AllClad D5 Collection in Brushed Stainless Steel will still be available from Williams-Sonoma through 2011. We do not plan on offering the AllClad D5 Collection in non-stick and in Stainless Steel after our current inventory runs out."

      Some of the pieces are listed as being no longer available rather than simply out of stock so this makes sense.

      1. re: KurtK9

        All Clad is going to hell with the current company owning them. If your supplier doesnt have a item instock within the next week probally wont see it for a while since they are shutting down the PA wharehouse for shipping and moving warehousing facility to NJ.GroupSEB doesnt deserve to own AllClad.

        1. re: KurtK9

          So they are just getting rid of the polished finish in the stainless. I refuse to own non stick so no loss there on that.

          1. re: KurtK9

            The rep from which company - All Clad or Williams-Sonoma? I just called WS customer service and two local store and they said it's not being discontinued - not that they know everything. I find this particularly irksome since I just bought into the brand.

            Thanks for any updates/clarification.

            1. re: olympia

              The rep from Williams Sonoma said they were not selling the D5 stainless series anymore after this sale clears the inventory. The rep from All-Clad said the D5 stainless was available at other high end retailers and when I asked for them to give me some names and if the stainless line was being upgraded, they only told me about the 20th anniversary changes. I guess it's possible the D5 stainless will still exist, maybe at other retailers, but it seems more likely it's being phased out. Not sure, would like to know that...

        2. Updating with what I just got from an All-Clad rep:

          We know they are going to re-introduce the Stainless Steel line. This new line will be coming out "possibly" the end of July beginning of August at participating high end stores. Here are some of the highlights of the new stainless steel set:

          Celebrating its 20thAnniversary
          •Tri-ply construction:
          -Stainless Steel
          -Induction Stainless Steel
          •Handcrafted in Canonsburg, PA using American-made steel
          •Raw materials made within 300 miles of Canonsburg, PA
          •Induction compatible
          •Dishwasher safe
          •Lifetime warranty
          *More comfortable handles and larger loop handles
          *The bottom of each pan will be stamped with....Handcrafted in the USA, All-Clad branding, capacity of pan and a quality control number.
          *New box design
          *Pans packaged in felt bags."

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          1. re: KurtK9

            I covered all this in a previous thread. I think I even attached photos of the new Stainless.Back track two weeks ago. Or look up by my profile.

            1. re: KurtK9

              So let me guess. This is just another 3-ply stainless steel-aluminum cookware which All Clad has been making since forever. I suppose they may have the newer and rounder handles. Sound like 5-ply didn't work out for All-Clad.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                Sounds like they're updating the current line to look like the D5 so I guess they don't need to different styles that are so similar. Guess D5 is sticking around in the brushed. *sigh*

                1. re: olympia


                  Yeah, I guess All Clad must have done some marketing survey and notice the customers like the overall new design, but didn't really care for the 5-ply vs 3-ply. Well, a lot of people do like the newer handle and also the rolled edge (aka flared rim). So maybe these two design features will be kept. If you like the 5-ply, I guess it is time to hunt down the reminding d5 cookware.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    No, they're still keeping the D5 just in the brushed finish. That's still full price and in stock online and in store. It's just the shiny version that they're doing away with. It seems that the updated 3 ply will look identical to the current D5 (shiny). So, I could see doing away with one. What I'd like to know is what the pricing will be like with the updated tri-ply.
                    I think this might just be a good time for me to commit to copper!

                    1. re: olympia

                      :) Thanks. Somehow I got the impression from other posts that D5 is being discontinued. Why don't you like the brushed finish? Brushed finish remains its look longer.

                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                        It's not that I don't like it - I just like everything to match! I guess I'll probably like the new tri-ply just fine for looks. I've got three pieces in the D5 and contemplating another one or two with the sale. I'm not sure if I'd do better just to wait and get the new tri-ply or hope the D5 makes its way to the WS outlets.

                        1. re: olympia

                          "I just like everything to match ... I've got three pieces in the D5"

                          Ah, now that makes sense. You already have some d5.

                          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                            I'm not really all that concerned with the five layers so I should quit my bellyaching! I've got a saucier in the tri-ply that's treated me well but it also has a rolled rim. My preference really just is for the rolled rims and more comfortable (to me) handles. If the tri-ply will have these features at a potentially lower price as well as at retailers that have sales and specials that will be a good thing.

                2. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  Hi, Chem:

                  Yup. 3, 5, 7, 9 [layers], who's been shucking all the time??? All-Clad! All-Clad! NEW! IMPROVED!

                  Anyone know how THIS 3-layer differs from prior iterations (besides the felt bags, CQC #, and better branding? This has Wharton/Harvard/Stanford MBA written all over it.


                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    :) Yep, but in all fairness, it is pretty difficult to innovate cookware. We have cast iron cookware hundred years ago and we still have them. Same as copper cookware or ceramic cookware. There is only so much can be done to cookware.

                    "This has Wharton/Harvard/Stanford MBA written all over it. "

                    I almost thought you said "Hogwart"


                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      Hi, Chem:

                      Yes, as usual, you are right: there is little with which to usefully innovate (at least given our place in time) in cookware. This means that, generally, market forces must seek ways to convince the consumer that real innovation HAS taken place ("It's PATENTED!", d5, 11 layers, etc.), when in fact most modern cookware is more akin to seasonal fashion than tools.

                      What I'd *like* to see is a bit subtler, honest approach from the manufacturers, in which they at least TALK about *refining* what already works well. IMO better handles are a perfect example--if AC did a mea culpa and said: "This handle is so much more comfortable and ergonomic, we just had to design a new pan to go with it", I'd respect that a lot more. Or, PUBLISH a study showing that 6mm of aluminum in the core is superior to the 3mm the competition uses. Some honoring of what has been a great history of (the best) cookware seems to me to be a sales point (e.g., "We studied what made Wear-Ever/Griswold/Jaeggi great, and we think we've improved it a bit, all for this low, low, price.")

                      Less flimflammery and more utility. Yes, the margins for improvement are (presently) small, but folks are willing to spend for value. Just don't deceive me!


                      1. re: kaleokahu

                        "when in fact most modern cookware is more akin to seasonal fashion than tools."

                        Agree, and I can think another famous cookware brand which routinely changes its fashion look. :)

              2. I just picked up a d5 9" french skillet for $3x at the WS outlet this past weekend. It was 50% off originally plus a coupon for extra 15% off. If you live close to a WS outlet, I wouldn't bother putting AC on the registry since you can almost always get them for MUCH less.

                You can also get these deals online at

                Have you considered All Clad copper core, Mauviel M'cook, Scanpan CSX, or Viking?

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                  1. re: c oliver

                    Thirty something dollars.

                    I looked at the receipt and it's actually $38.

                1. How does the Calphalon Tri-Ply compare to All-Clad's 3-ply series? It's much cheaper (over 2x), has flared rims, comfortable handles, and tons of pieces in the set. I'd like to get a set that'll last me forever, should I wait on registering for the All-Clad or get more pieces of the Calphalon?

                  1. Just reporting back. I was in WS yesterday to pick up the 6 qt saute (the price still hurt after discount and all)! They maintained that the line is not discontinued. However, I checked online today and some of the pieces are no long available including all of the sauce pans and the saucier. Some of the saute pans are back in stock but I don't take it to be a good sign that there are no sauce pans available. hths.

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                    1. re: olympia

                      Thanks for the update, we looked at the Calphalon Tri-Ply and the All-Clad Stainless and I just can't see the premium for All-Clad. The D5 at least was better, the current All-Clad Stainless just seems way over priced to me. I think we'll register for the Calphalon for now, but if the D5 becomes available at other retailers or the 20th Anniversary is amazing we could change it.

                      1. re: KurtK9

                        Just to clarify - not sure if this has been covered upthread or not - the D5 in the brushed finish is not going anywhere. I agree that the premium is pretty large. I've enjoyed the pieces that I have but I'm wondering if the money would have been better spent toward a collection of copper. I'm going to keep working on that question for a while though.

                        I may have missed something but what is the 20th Anniversary?

                        If you have your heart set on the shiny D5 I'd buy now or keep in touch with the outlets about their stock. For a much lower prices I'd be tempted to check out the tri-ply line by tramontina which is also highly regarded.

                        Let us know how it goes!

                        1. re: olympia

                          I'll have to go back and check out the All-Clad again, my fiance seems to want a non-brushed exterior and is wondering whether the D5 brushed is worth the cost.

                          The 20th Anniversary seems to be the reason the Stainless All-Clad is on clearance everywhere, from what the All-Clad rep told me via e-mail it'll update the current stainless line, hopefully with better handles and lips on the pans. I might just leave the Calphalon on my registry and see what July/August brings in terms of All-Clad and go from there.

                          1. re: KurtK9

                            I think the update (didn't realize that it was called 20th Anniversary) will be just like the D5 shiny. I think that's why it might be discontinued as well as the regular tri-ply. I just hope the anniversary stuff isn't as pricey as the D5.

                        2. re: KurtK9

                          All Clad Stainless would be far better than Calphalon tri ply. I've tried the Calphalon and it does not compare to All Clad. As olympia says, take a look at the Tramontina Tri ply line for something more comparable to All Clad for a much lower price.