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Apr 20, 2011 07:35 PM

Passover Coke is at Target

It's probably at other places too, I just happened to see it there. Coke changes their formula back to sugar-sweetened to make a few batches kosher for passover. The passover bottles have a yellow top. "Retro" sugar sweetened soda is around in a few brands now, so I guess it's not a huge wow, but I do always mean to pick up a bottle at this time of year, so there's your reminder!

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  1. CostCo sells it by the case year round (Mexican Coke). HEB's Dr. B and Colas are sugar sweetened as well. And all of Cabo Bob's (restaurant) sodas are sugar sweetened. I prefer sugar-sweetened for their mouth-feel. They seem "crisper" and more refreshing.


    Cabo Bob's
    500 E Ben White Blvd Ste D100, Austin, TX 78704

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      What's in corn syrup that makes it forbidden for Jews?

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Corn is considered a grain. I thought only leavened grains were forbidden, but corn exists in a sort of questionable category. Here's a quote from Mark Strausman in yesterday's HuffPo:

        "By the way, why is HFCS kosher, but not considered kosher for Passover, you might ask? HFCS is made from corn. Corn isn't exactly chametz, (which means "leavened," and applies to grains that can be made into flour and baked and so are forbidden at Passover, except in the form of matzoh) during Passover, but corn is on kind of a second tier of Passover forbidden foods, kitniyot ("small things"), which in at least one ancient Rabbi's opinion might be confused with chametz. Observance of kitniyot varies among observant Jews, but I guess Coke isn't taking any chances."