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Apr 20, 2011 07:23 PM

Edenton Pilgrimage of Historic Homes - chicken salad schedule for 4/29 & 4/30!/note...

* Pancake Breakfast- Sponsored by Edenton Rotary Club. Saturday, 6:30–11am. J.A. Holmes High School.
* Chicken Salad Luncheon - Sponsored by Edenton Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star of NC. Friday & Saturday, 11am–2pm. Unanimity #7 Masonic Lodge. $7.50.
* Fish Fry Luncheon - Sponsored by Fannie A. Parker Woman’s Club. Friday, 11am–2pm. Colonial Park (rain location: clubhouse at 116 West Albemarle Street). $7.
* Pig Pickin’ Luncheon - Friday & Saturday, 11am–2pm. James Iredell House. $8.
* Chicken Salad Luncheon - Friday & Saturday, Noon–2pm. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. $10.
* Lemonade Stand - Friday & Saturday, 10am–5pm. Chowan Arts Council.
* Bake Sale - Sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church Relay for Life Team. Saturday, 10am until sold out. In front of the Downtown Cafe & Soda Shoppe, 301 South Broad Street.

What's chicken salad about?

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  1. I'm not sure I understand your question. That chicken salad in particular? Or chicken salad in general?

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Actually, both questions. Is there something special, traditional, regional etc. about chicken salad served at luncheons? What's the difference between the Episcopalian and Eastern Star versions?

      When I posted that, I was thinking about the teriyaki chicken plate lunch fundraisers that Japanese-American churches in California are known for.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I doubt you will find much difference between one version of chicken salad and another.

    2. Probably not. It's traditional church lady fundraiser food. And it is delicious. Every nice lady has her version. It really isn't regional.

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      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        Thank you, I am curious how the difference is price is justified. Maybe one gives you a dessert or something.

      2. So the chicken salad luncheon is 10 bucks, and the pig pickin' is only 8?

        I know which one I'd go to! :)

        And by the way Melanie, do you need a driver, or someone to sit in the back seat and hold the leftovers? Because this trip of yours looks like a winner in my book!

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        1. re: arbyunc

          Now arbyunc, you know those nice ladies are fund-raising for their cause. You would go to both, right?

          And yes, I'm envious of the trip too.

          1. re: arbyunc

            I'd certainly welcome someone to drive me or ride shotgun! Come one, come all, c'mon over to Edenton (drop me an email, address in my profile).

            The hard part is that I want to stop at Weeping Radish on the way to Edenton from Nags Head. It doesn't open until 11am on Friday, and then I have more than an hour's drive to get to Edenton. On Saturday I'm tied up with judging through the lunch period and probably until about 2 or 3pm. I'm gonna have to prioritize my lunch choices, and I don't think I can miss the pig pickin on friday. I'm thinking of stopping by the chicken salad places and asking if I can pay and reserve a lunch for pick-up on Saturday after the HogFest.

            Weeping Radish
            6810 Caratoke Hwy, Grandy, NC 27939

          2. I can not comment on your issues but I find it so delightful to see your on the SouthEast
            site since I fondly remember you as a lengend with Chowhound in the SF Bay area
            I recently(10 months ago) left Berkeley to move to Asheville, NC
            You really should visit here -it is so much like Berzerkley in so many ways
            I never thought I would leave Berkeley and settle in the South
            But this is a great place to retire

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            1. re: mustardgirl

              Hi there, mustardgirl, thanks for the kind words. And I recall when you'd be posting on both boards, and had wondered what your situation might be. Tonight my Charlotte friends (whom I've known since I was a child and then we all went to UC Berkeley together) asked me if I'd be heading to Asheville because it's just like Berkeley. Unfortunately, not this trip, but some day.

            2. In case anyone is headed to the festivities today. I arrived in Edenton yesterday and tried the St Paul's chicken salad lunch. It is a sit-down affair.

              The plate is brought to your table. It includes chicken salad, pea salad, homemade sweet pickles, Smithfield ham, warm roll and butter, ice tea, and lemon bar served on real dinnerware. The recipes are in their recipe book, Take the Tour for the Taste of Colonial Edenton.

              I tried to find out how this spread differs from the $7.50 Eastern Star luncheon. Eastern Star includes a cupcake and deviled egg and its served on a paper plate.