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Apr 20, 2011 07:12 PM

Best Dominican food in Washington Heights? Is Malecon it?

We are looking for a good spot for lunch before our visit to the Cloisters Museum. It can be a total hole in the wall and the ambiance is not really important as long as the food is tasty and authentic. The space can't be too small tho since we will probably have at least 8 - 10 people.

BTW, anyone familiar with Malecon? The place seems to be a popular choice on Yelp...


El Malecon
4141 Broadway, New York, NY 10033

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  1. I'm not that familiar with Dominican food, but I think Malecon is pretty good. Their chicken, rice, beans, and maduros combo usually hits the spot for me. It's also really cheap.

    1. Malecon is a solid restaurant, also Dyckman Express might be a good place to go. Restaurant is large enough to accommodate your party and food is very authentic. There Chicharron de pollo (dominican fried chicken) is great. Don't forget all the great sides (tostones, maduros, and if they have it, get arroz con gandules).

      Dyckman Express
      101 Dyckman St, New York, NY 10040

      1. I ordered two mofongos for delivery, and unfortunately they were dry, hard, stringy, and flavorless. They also took an hour to arrive, and I live 15 blocks away. Perhaps their other dishes are good, but I won't be ordering from them again.

        1. Cafe de Mufongo (sp?) google-large place w delicious food-meat, fish, rice etc.

          La Casa del Mofongo
          1447 Saint Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10033