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Apr 20, 2011 06:55 PM

La Casa Del Mojito is now "Mojito" -- any significance?

I just found out that La Casa Del Mojito changed its name to just "Mojito." Does anyone know if this means anything other than just a name change? The new website is, and the menu is no longer posted.

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  1. Correction: The menu is there, just in a place that's not obvious. (You have to click "Today's Specials" to get to it.)

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    1. re: Thiebaud

      I haven't been in several months, but the menu looks mostly the same. A few names changed (e.g., Parrilla de Luigi is now Parrilla Mojito), and the prices may have ticked upward slightly, but no drastic changes.

      They've always had really good food, so hopefully that hasn't changed. I always worry that they're going to fail...........tough-to-get-to location and they already had to close their U District location a while back.

      1. re: Earl of Sandwich

        I hope they'll be ok, too. They told me that they closed the U District location because students wouldn't pay their prices when there are so many super-cheap eateries nearby. So they didn't have anough business there other than on the weekends, when non-students would come in. The Lake City location was doing fine, though.

        I just wonder if the changes mean that the chef has changed or something else. I hope it's as good as before. Haven't been there in quite a while.