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Required: Upscale restaurant for special event

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Any suggestions for an out-of-this-world dinner for a very special celebration? Hubby is a big steak-fan, but it could be something else too.

I was thinking of the usual famous ones:
Club Chasse et Peche
Queue de Cheval
Has anyone been to any of these recently? What's your review?
It's been a long time we haven't been to any of them.

Which other restaurants should we consider and why? Budget is $150-175 for 2, excluding alcohol.
A really nice atmosphere/decor would be very nice, but more importantly we are looking for a real treat to our tastebuds.


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      1. -Garde Manger in the old port - by food network chef Chuck Hughes, great lobster poutine

        -Le Meac on laurier street

        -Holder in the old port, amazing lobster ravioli

        The best steak I've ever had would honestly be at Burger De Ville in st-laurent or in montreal west. It's not an upscale restaurant however, they make the best fresh burgers and steak at an incredible price. I'm a huge steak fan too and this place beats the keg, bifteck, and baton rouge. You should try it out for lunch on day.

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        1. re: VikPham

          Sorry to sound snarky, but do you think you could read the OP's request a little closer? "an out-of-this-world dinner for a very special celebration", and $150 - 175 for 2 - how on earth would Burger De Ville even merit a mention for that? And while Lemeac, Garde Manger and Holder are fine, none of those even come close to the criteria...

          1. re: cherylmtl

            Cherlmtl- I know that Burger De Ville is no where near fancy however I just thought it would be nice to point out this place since her husband enjoys eating steak. Not many people have heard about it since it's relatively new. It was simply a side thought.

            1. re: VikPham

              It's a burger chain joint.

              Not a special occasion restaurant.

              1. re: Maximilien

                I understand that it is a burger joint, I've been there. It was just a side note for great steaks for everyday lunches.

                1. re: VikPham

                  Yeah, but the OP specifically gave a budget....
                  Just razzin ya, Vik!

        2. CCP would be my favourite of the 4, and they almost always have some form of steak on their menu. Not sure Toque will even fall within your budget, and even Queue de Cheval might be tough... or you could drive up north to L'Eau a la Bouche, if that works.

          1. Perhaps you might like Bonaparte? http://www.restaurantbonaparte.ca/tro... You can check out the menu. Good food and service but not stuffy. BTW We had boar on our last visit.

            1. How important is the "steak" thing ?

              My pick would be "Club Chasse et Peche", (or maybe Europea ? )


              1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

              1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

                While this event requires a very special restaurant and amazing dinner, I will keep Burger De Ville in mind for next time hubby has a big steak crisis.

                So has anyone been to Toque recently? It's just not worth the $$ ? What about XO?

                Right now, our list is down to:

                Europea (thanks, Maximilien, I forgot about this one!)



                Club Chasse et Pêche.

                And I am on my way to check out Bonaparte and L'Eau a la Bouche.

                Steak or some type of red meat is essential for hubby. He is a very picky eater in general, and that also limits us to à la carte menus. There are always tons of things he won't eat in the set menus.

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                1. re: Nifms

                  If the steak/red meat is important, I would go for Queue de Cheval as you will guarantee many great choices for hubby. Although its pricey I have always enjoyed my meals and had good service there.

                  Whatever you choose - enjoy your evening!

                  1. re: Nifms

                    I recently went to La Montee de Lait on Saint-Laurent and "Out of this world" is truly the best way to describe it. Pricey is the second best way to describe it ;-)

                    The concept is a set price for a number of courses, and you can choose your courses from the menu (ie you could have 3 entrees and 1 desert, or 4 entrees, etc...) Wine list was also very extensive. Great restaurant. I highly recommend their truffle pasta and their ris de veau.

                  2. I have never been to Europea (although it is on my list to do soon!) so I cannot compare it with the other 3 that you have in the running. However, of the remaining 3 I would definitely go with CCP. Toque is great for a business dinner with a client, but I personally don't find the ambience intimate or romantic for a special dinner. And the food is hit or miss (IMO). And, although I like XO's atmosphere, the food at CCP is better.

                    1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

                    1. I have to go against the tide here and report that my recent meal at Club Chasse et Peche was underwhelming, so much so that I would not return. I loved the feel of the place, the service was excellent, but the food was nothing more than competent. We were there in March, and ordered what the wait staff suggested. Scallops were cloying, Sweat breads unremarkable, and my main, which if I recall was advertised as suckling pig, was nothing short of disappointing. Maybe we caught the kitchen on an off night - but the uniformly lacklustre quality of the offerings (there were four of us and many plates) makes me think wonder if they are coasting a bit in their reputation.

                      1. Cava is THE way to go; you'll enjoy a terrific meal in super swank digs (the classiest dining room by a long shot in Montreal IMO). Their menu features a "meat-centric" approach to Greek cuisine (in addition to your traditional Filet Mignon/Sirloin/Rib Eye and a "wine bar" menu with suggested pairings), which should please hubby. I would go out on a limb and risk saying that it is probably the best steakhouse in Montreal right now. I'm pretty sure there's a thread about other Chowhounders' own opinions somewhere on here, so you might want to check that out; it was also reviewed by L. Chesterman (http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/F...) and it's on enRoute's Canada's Best New Restaurants 2010 list (http://enroute.aircanada.com/en/artic...).

                        And since you were thinking of CC&P, you can also check out Le Filet, which is helmed by 2 of CC&P's owners (their Wagyu beef tataki is divine for starters), but it does tend to get loud (as in very).

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                        1. re: certifiedfresh

                          I will also recommend Cava, we were there last night for the 4th time this winter. The staff is young and very attentive, we usually like to share a few appetizers, the meatballs, beet cake,
                          and grilled shrimp are my favorite.

                          1. re: superbossmom

                            The food is very good but when we went I was irked by the service. The waitstaff is indeed young but somewhat amateurish; they were coming around way too often, intruding on our conversation (obviously eavesdropping) and making stupid little jokes that were annoying. Too familiar and too present. Also I did not appreciate the big fanfare they do at the end when everyone comes to see you off at the door; it made me feel like I was in the circus. has anyone else had such an experience there?

                            1. re: hungryann

                              I have to say I got the exact same feeling (amateurish and familiar) from the staff as you did; it seems like most were hired based on their looks and not much else. I remember one waitress going out of her way to tell us that thunder (there was a thunderstorm that night) brought to her mind the image of God falling off a chair or something like that (I kid you not). We were not treated to the "fanfare" you experienced, however. When the food is this good and the dining room this spectacular, I'd be tempted to just shrug it off, but at this price range, I have to agree that it's pretty off-putting.

                        2. Late to post my comments, but here they are: Toqué is overrated, Chasse & Peche not the best; Queue de cheval I don't know. Ferreira is for people 25-30ish, nice decor, loud after 10 pm, their Pork and Clams came undercooked. No one asked for our opinion. Quite pricey if you wash it down with champagne... The best IMO: The Bonaparte. Classy, wonderful decor, excellent service. My friend took the Tasty Menu and she loved it. I had the Tartelettes with Snails and Canard confit : a pure delight. Perfect for a romantic evening or a special business outing in MTL.