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Apr 20, 2011 06:11 PM

Which area?

Can't decide where to stay while in Montreal. Being the foodie that I am, a lot of it depends on where
the best food is! Downtown Montreal or the Old Montreal-Old Port Area?

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  1. I would stay in old Montreal , it's a lot more "fun" than downtown

    Other area is the Plateau, and it's easily accessible by foot and/or public

    1. I think if you stayed near Place des Arts or St-Laurent metro stations, you'll have nice access to the Plateau, Downtown and old Montreal through public transport. It's a kind of a sweet spot if you're undecided.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. My research on Montreal so far, made me think that I would probably prefer the Old Montreal area. I don't speak French, and I am hoping to get by on my English...Wondering if any of the menus have any English translations?

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          Many restaurants have English menus, and even those that don't have more than enough people working there who can speak English, and will happily translate menus for you. Especially in Old Montreal.
          Old Montreal really is a much nicer area to stay in and walk around in - you can always take the metro or cab it to restaurants elsewhere if you want, but there are also many good ones in the immediate area (and a lot of overpriced tourist traps, but that's another post....)

          1. re: cherylmtl

            At night, the stretch from downtown to old montreal is a complete dead zone - the streets are bare and nothing is open. Also if you want to take in the night life, keep in mind that the metro closes early - 12:50 on weekends. Old Montreal is not that nice - there are many more tourist traps, and the streets are deserted by 10pm. Downtown is much livelier and interesting.

        2. Neither. Most of the best restaurants are in the Plateau. IMHO, its a much more interesting place to stay...fewer tourists and less of a tourism vibe. It's where most of the locals eat, drink, and shop. With some exceptions, the best bars and restaurants are in the Plateau. Old Montreal can be very quiet at night and downtown is mostly overpriced chain restaurants. Nowhere will lack of French be a problem.

          1. there are lots of bed and breakfast type places in the plateau. if you want a hotel, choose downtown. montreal is a very walkable city - by positioning yourself downtown you have access to most of the city worth visiting