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Apr 20, 2011 05:03 PM

Portugese sweet bread/Easter Bread

I am looking for a good place to buy fresh made loaves of this bread, with or without the whole eggs baked into it any suggestions?

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  1. There was a Portugese bakery in Peabody, can't remember the name, that makes them.

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      Central Bakery, Walnut Street, Peabody. Fabulous Portuguese breads very inexpensive.

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      Folar (de Pascoa) is generally only available at Easter (with the eggs). Massa Sovada (Pão Sovado in Brazilian Bakeries) or Pão Doce sweet bread is sold year round without eggs. There maybe some differences in the two offerings by the bakeries, but usually they are very similar and they start from the same dough.

      1. I hate to say it, but the wife came home from Job Lot with a huge mushroom shaped loaf and It Was Still Warm! (Fresh off whatever truck).

        1. It's probably further than you want to drive, but I bought an amazing one (with whole hard boiled eggs) last year from a Portuguese bakery on Cove St in New Bedford. Don't know the name of the bakery.

          1. Market Basket has them.