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Apr 20, 2011 04:38 PM


Going to Vegas with a group in early June and they really want to go out for an amazing steak dinner. Can anyone recommend a good place to go? I'm thinking Craft Steak, but if there is something else that you can recommend, please let me know.

Thanks all.

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  1. Lots of opinions and lots of threads on this topic. :)

    We chose Craftsteak in February due to their extensive scotch whisky offerings (husband's 'hobby' lol). It's not always just the beef, it's also location, or wine list, or the scene. Don't forget to consider those factors.

    1. Lots of threads on this topic, the consensus (such as it is) is that CUT and Craft Steak get the most love. Either would likely fill your request for "an amazing steak dinner" so maybe check prices and location (north strip for CUT, MGM on the south end for CS) and go from there ...

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        We absolutely love Charlie Palmer at the Four Seasons. It's slightly out of the way, but absolutely worth it (rating above 90% on Urbanspoon too!). We just went on Saturday April 16th 2011 and everything was perfect. I've written on it more extensively on my blog at if you want more details.

        Happy eats!