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Easter Dinner is Lasagna....what to serve with it?

So long story short; I was planning to do a rack or leg of lamb for Easter, but now have vegetarian guests (including kids) making up the lion's share of company. Veggie lasagna is loved by all, so that'll be my main dish.

What shall I serve on the side? Salad is out; three guests won't touch it. The simpler the ideas, the better.

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  1. Steamed broccoli, with EVOO, RWV, and toasted pignoli

    Green beans with red onions or red peppers, marinated. Hot or cold.

    If they're hot, maybe the salad haters won't notice.

    And garlic bread. Slice a large baguette lengthwise, then spread with melted butter and a puree of garlic, parsley, basil, and parmigiano-reggiano. Wrap in foil and bake.

    1. If I had lasagna, I would have to have some salad for me. Will they eat any kind of a veggie/pickle/olive tray? I don't want to think of how many meals I've served whole kernel corn when it really didn't go with the meal but just so there would be something else for the pickies.Good luck to you. I could fill pages with the who won't eat what( and with pre-teens around it seems to change with each meal).

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        Mmmm...start with a nice antipasto.

        And what about dessert?

      2. Oh I love green beans (hot or cold). And garlic bread. And I will do a pickle/olive tray but if I do antipasto, I am going to have to eliminate some things that I lovvvvee...like those little peppers that are stuffed with prosciutto, and nice little cubes of ham and slices of salami in all their salty goodness. But the folks *do* eat cheese, so there is some consolation.

        I have no clue about dessert. No clue. I was thinking of copping out and just springing for an Italian cookie tray.

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          You can do a two plate antipasto where one is vegetarian and one has the yummy salami and proscuitto. I have vegetarian friends and they would have no problem with that.

        2. Make a salad for those who like them! I'd want a salad with lasagna. All the others have good ideas. A good Italian loaf of bread garlicked up and buttered sounds really good. Put olives somewhere on the menu. Put dyed, hardcooked eggs on the table as a centerpiece, or at each plate for fun.

          For dessert? Something with strawberries and whipped cream.

          1. Braised escarole with cannellini beans.

            1. "Salad" means different things to different people. If they'll accept a slaw you could prepare a finely copped slaw and stuff it into partially hollowed out avocado halves (leaving most of the avocado in the skin for the diner to enjoy with the slaw. As a special addition to those who will accept sea food as part of their diet, top the slaw with some chopped crab meat.

              1. Asparagus is in high season and is a "traditional" Easter food. Perhaps with gremolata to stick with the Italian theme or just roasted or steamed wit butter S+P.

                1. Do an antipasto: fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers w garlic and capers, sauteed broccoli rabe, cold zucchini frittata, braised baby artichokes, good olives, fresh fava beans and pecorino, caponata--any of these, in combination.
                  A green bean and red onion or greens and garlic side would also, as others have suggested, be fine. Stuffed mushrooms since the oven's on anyway.

                  1. PH, maybe base your sides on what type of veggie sauce you are using for your la. If you are using a tomato base, I would try cream of mushroom/asparagus or what ever veggie is not in the la, soup as a first course. You can leave the hint of cream sherry out for the kids. If you are using an Alfredo base, maybe a tomato basil or fennel soup. Seeing as the main already has plenty of starch, optional crustinis for garnish.
                    As to dessert, maybe a high quality vanilla ice cream (to make or not to make yourself, that is the question) topped with caramelized peaches, apple compote with raisins or for the kids, what the heck, it is Easter, some jelly beans or seasonal chocolate bits.
                    Most of all, I hope you have fun with it.

                    1. You know what, you all rule.

                      I'm going to make a small green salad for the salad eaters (including me). For the non-salad eaters, I have gone with something weird...my mom's recipe for (cold, natch) three bean salad (string bean, red kidney and chick pea/garbanzo) with red onion.

                      Keeping the garlic bread idea. Going to have a tray of olives, asparagus, cheeses, artichokes. And for dessert, ice cream (Vanilla, not homemade) with drunken strawberries for the grown ups or plain for the kids, and I've bought hideous pink cake mix and neon pink frosting (Duncan Hines, both), and will recruit the kids to frost. Going to dye eggs, too.

                      I will try the avocado/slaw idea and try my hand at stuffed mushrooms post holiday, since I don't want my guests to try my inaugural run at 'em.

                      I wish I had been more appreciative all the years when my mom/aunties did the cooking!