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Apr 20, 2011 04:06 PM

Hello: I'm moving to B'ham Michigan and need Chinese food recommendations

For a future friend I am starting a new thread. As Dorothy said " they are so expensive you know"

Can anyone recommend Chinese restos for an experienced Chinese afficianado in the Metro area? We will be based in B'ham but driiving will be fun as we are from NY and HK. Please reply... to prcentauri.

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  1. Well done GG.
    Birmingham... The first place that comes to mind is Tongue Thai'd. Then probably Shilla Korean and East Lake Chinese. Just listing edible things, in order of distance from B'Ham. Cafe Sushi on Maple west of Crooks is edible, too, if you have the money and a big, the Indian market and food counter four (not two) doors down is impressive, as well.

    Metro Detroit has some very respectable Asian grocery items from which to select, and I appreciate that even more than the Asian restaurants, themselves. Lots of good info already exists on this board, but I'm sure this thread will later highlight the best of the best.
    I hope that prcentauri & wife learn to dig Lebanese food, too!

    East Lake Restaurant
    5087 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085

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    1. re: VTB

      Hey VTB, can you expound a bit on the Indian market by Cafe Sushi? I've been stopping at Lakshmi in Livonia or Warren if I'm in the area but the market you mention didn't even cross my mind. MUCH closer to home.

      Cafe Sushi
      1933 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084

      1. re: coney with everything

        Hi CwE, Yes, it is named Subzi Mandi. It is a relatively large, clean and very nicely organized Indian grocer. They also have a good snack counter (based on my SOLE small test drive).
        As with most topics, jjspw can paint the picture much better than can I, but she did so over on Y*lp. Not sure if links are allowed, but I guess I'll find out:

      2. re: VTB

        too bad my girlfriend doesnt really love middle eastern food, granted she probably hasnt had the quality of items one would find in say, Dearborn. the best i've had has probably been tanoreen in brooklyn or take-away items from tavlin market in bellmore out on long island.

      3. Directions to a good place....

        1. Head south on Woodward Ave toward Forest Ave - 459 ft
        2. Take the 1st right onto Forest Ave - 0.1 mi
        3. Continue onto E Brown St - 0.5 mi
        4. Turn left at Southfield Rd - 5.6 mi
        5. Take the ramp to M-39 S/Southfield Fwy - 0.3 mi
        6. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for M-39 S/Southfield Fwy and merge onto M-39 S/Southfield Fwy, Continue to follow M-39 S - 14.2 mi
        7. Slight right at Southfield Rd - 1.6 mi
        8. Turn right to merge onto I-75 S Entering Ohio - 44.2 mi
        9. Take exit 208 on the left to merge onto I-280 S toward Turnpike/Cleveland - 12.5 mi
        10. Take exit 1A to merge onto I-80 E/I-90 E toward Cleveland Continue to follow I-80 E
        Partial toll road - 147 mi
        11. Take exit 218 for I-80 E Toll road - 0.9 mi
        12. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Mahoning Ave/OH-18 and merge onto I-80 E
        Partial toll road Passing through Pennsylvania Entering New Jersey - 374 mi
        13. Slight left at I-280 E - 16.5 mi
        14. Take exit 17A toward County 508 E/Jersey City - 0.6 mi
        15. Merge onto Newark Turnpike - 2.6 mi
        16. Slight right toward County Rd 644/Newark Ave - 0.1 mi
        17. Continue straight onto County Rd 644/Newark Ave - 0.4 mi
        18. Turn left at Tonnele Ave - 0.2 mi
        19. Slight right to merge onto NJ-139 E toward Holland Tunnel - 1.1 mi
        20. Merge onto I-78 E Partial toll road Entering New York - 2.2 mi
        21. Continue onto Lincoln Hwy/Old Lincoln Hwy Toll road 0.2 mi
        22. Keep left at the fork to continue toward Laight St - 374 ft
        23. Slight left at Laight St - 315 ft
        24. Laight St turns slightly right and becomes Canal St - 0.2 mi
        25. Turn right at Broadway

        That or you can try Best China in Canton for authentic Non-gringo Chinese food.

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        1. re: JanPrimus

          hahaha. or go to virgin atlantic or some other website. purchase airline ticket to hong kong. get on plane.

          1. re: prcentauri

            I fully expect to find you and your better half at one of our totally un-sanctioned "friends of yet we are not supposed to meet" dinners. I mean....meeting new friends is hard after college. Just be aware....VTB hates TV Camera's.

        2. yeah thanks for moving the thread. i guess my point was really more to highlight places you've all liked regardless of where they are located. and not just chinese food. i've been compiling a list of all the restaurants, bakeries and markets that i'd likely frequent in macomb county, oakland county, washtenaw county, wayne county or over in the windsor area. what i wanted to judge from you guys is what are the best and most authentic places for having dim sum, traditional chinese dinners, sushi, composed japanese food, kaiseki if possible, ramen, vietnamese pho / banh mi / bo luc lac, thai food, korean, and markets too so i can source for myself if i'm going to make my own preparations. from what i've read (havent been to a single place on here) this is what i've come up with...

          Matsuchan, Canton
          Noble Fish, Clawson
          Ajishin, Novi
          Sharaku, West Bloomfield
          Kitchen Hanzo, West Bloomfield

          Best China, Canton
          Midtown Shangri-La, Detroit
          Golden Harvest, Warren
          Shangri-La Restaurant, West Bloomfield
          May Wah Inn, Windsor
          Asia City Restaurant, Ypsilanti

          Dà Nẵng, Clawson
          Thuy Trang, Madison Heights

          Korea Palace, Sterling Heights

          Noble Fish, Clawson
          One World Market, Novi
          Hua Xing Asia Market, Ypsilanti

          I'd like to know your thoughts.

          My full list actually includes lots of non-asian stuff, practically any place thats i've read was good, and it includes farmer's markets and other foodie things. But we wont go there for now.

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          1. re: prcentauri

            In my opinion....Royal Oak will be your farmers market.

            1. re: prcentauri

              For Chinese I'd add Middle KIngdom and Chia Shiang in Ann Arbor . Are you in terested in Korean grocery stores at all ? If so, I'd add Manna and Galleria Market, also in Ann Arbor.

              Chia Shiang
              2016 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

              1. re: prcentauri

                Hi prcentauri,
                In addition to my earlier post, the following are my Peoples’ Choice personal votes, based on your above ballot--

                Japanese: Some of your listed ones are west side places I haven’t visited, but I do love Ajishin in Novi.

                Chinese: Listed ones that I also enjoy are Shangri-La (not Shangri-La Garden on Middlebelt), Golden Harvest, and May Wah Inn. Additions I like are Hong Hua* in F.H., Hidden Dragon in Ypsi, Trizest in Sterling Hts., Jade of Windsor, Middle Kingdom in AA, and to some extent Dragon Phoenix in Macomb. *some of these have been listed by others but just weren’t on your extract.

                One Chinese restaurant for which I owe the board a review (but I’m either too lazy or busy), is Empire Dynasty, which is located in a large crusty strip mall space at a rather run-down intersection in Farmington Hills. Their gringo menu is as cheap and bad as the next place, but their Chinese menu is very authentic, though somewhat expensive. This is a low profile favorite of the Asians from nearby Lawrence Tech, particularly the Koreans; thus, the Chinese dishes here often are from Northeast China (near the Korean border) and/or have a Korean twist.

                Vietnamese: Additions I like are Pho Hang and really several others in Madison Heights. So, explore!

                Korean: Listed ones that I also enjoy are Korea Palace, Sterling Heights. Additions I like are Bi Bim Bap in Novi.
                Japanese markets: Listed ones that I also enjoy are Noble Fish, Clawson or One World Market, Novi (very similar).

                Chinese markets: As others have said, Hua Xing Asia Market in Ypsi is fantastic. An addition I like is Fuji (yes, Chinese) Market.

                Southeast Asian markets: I’d obviously add Kim Nhung Superfoods in Madison Heights (and there are a couple other good but lesser markets in M.H. on John R south of 13 Mile, too). Seven Seas in Detroit can sometimes be worth the drive, depending on what you need. (Some veggies are hidden in their walk-in cooler, if you don’t at first see something.)

                Korean markets: I’d add E-Mart in Troy, as well as Han Mi and also Troy Oriental Market both in Troy on Rochester Rd.

                Plus, Papa Joe’s, Whole Foods and Nino Salvaggio’s (in particular) all have a decent selection of some Asian ingredient categories. And, Metro Detroit indeed is a very good city for farmers markets.

                So, when will you arrive???!!!

                Pho Hang Restaurant
                30921 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

                Middle Kingdom
                332 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

                Empire Dynasty
                29505 W 9 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

                42270 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48375

                Golden Harvest
                6880 E 12 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48092

                Korea Palace
                34744 Dequindre Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

                Noble Fish
                45 E 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017

                Hong Hua
                27925 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

                1. re: VTB

                  I also owe a review after a few more visits to a Japanese place (Fumi) in Novi in the same strip mall as China Cafe (VERY GOOD place btw). The place reminds me of Matsuchan but with maybe a slightly less quality bowl of noodles and better sushi. Tons of Japanese written menu items on the wall that I do not understand....but will still order.

                  Aparently tons of Izayaka dishes at night...but this is in my lunch neighborhood. The reviews from Y#lp just look dumb. Exception for Alfred K.'s review.

                  1. re: VTB

                    i'll be around for a day or two in late May and then we are probably moving in mid or late June. Thanks for the additional recs. No one mentioned Que Huong but I found them through Janelle's posts on yelp. The pics of the food look decent. Hows that place? I definitely will need to fill my banh mi fix from time to time. Out here in NYC (Brooklyn, actually) we have the spectrum of ultra-authentic banh mi like at Ba Xuyen to ultra-luxury banh mi with heritage Berkshire pork shoulder, smoked and paired with pickled daikon and carrots, liver mouse, spicy aioli, cilantro and chilies such as at Fatty 'Cue.

                    Que Huong Restaurant
                    30820 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

                    1. re: prcentauri

                      Que Hong is excellent - to my mind, the best pho in the area, plus you can get it medium/rare (though that didn't work last time.) Both times I've gone we're the only gringos there..nice service, pretty expansive place...mainly focus on pho but I saw some great noodle dishes. I did a review on this w/ pics so you might want to check it out. Should definitely be on your list.

                      1. re: berkleybabe

                        hey. ive been there about 5 times. i usually just go for the banh mi on days I can get over there for lunch. i only had their pho once. i think i might prefer the pho at thuy trang.

                  2. re: prcentauri

                    Royal Oak and Birmingham both have excellent farmers' markets. Royal Oak is the largest but I really like that the B'ham market is outdoors and includes ready to eat foods and entertainment.

                    The cafe at Royal Oak's market is disgusting! I don't understand how they even destroy scrambled eggs

                    Royal Oak is a Saturday market and B'ham is on Sunday. Many people on Chowhound will tell you that B'ham's market is more expensive but many of the vendors are at both markets and I have never seen a difference in pricing by location! I live in Royal Oak and go to both markets each weekend as well as the Farmington Farmers Market. I go to the Farmington Market because they have an excellent organic meat/vegetable vendor that is exclusive to that market (Garden Gate Farm).

                    1. re: Jack Freeman

                      Thanks for the info. From reviewing The Garden Gate Farm website and it seems like they have a really wide spectrum of products I'd love to try. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have on stand. I'm totally a fan of local foods. Like for me, Satur Farms on the east end of Long Island is amazing. It's run by Paulette Satur and her husband, Eberhard Muller, once chef de cuisine at Le Bernardin and Lutece. They currently supply some of the best restaurants in the country, including Per Se. I made a second course last night using their mesclun and although the dish's feature was a slice of Blue Ledge Farm Lake's Edge aged goat's-milk cheese sitting right on top, the quality and flavor of the greens was noticeable.