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Apr 20, 2011 02:44 PM

Nances Mustard in AZ?

Moved to Phoenix area from Boston about 8 months ago and have not been able to find my favorite mustard: Nance's Sharp and Creamy mustard. Any Chowhounds out there know where I can find it in West Valley?

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  1. I feel your pain. Haven't seen it here. Whenever friends visit from Boston and ask what they can bring, I tell them a few bottles of Nance's. If I ever see it locally, I'll be sure to post.

    1. I don't know where to get it but I might be able to make you feel better about not having it - apparently the formula has changed. Rioting in the streets to follow.

      1. There used to be a place in Carefree that sold Nancee's for years. Been here for 30 yrs, came from Rochester, NY where they make Nancee's. I just used up my last bottle, the formula has not changed. The original is the same, they have added honey and hot but original is best. I order from Baldwin Richardson Foods directly. Amazon also sells it. Other than that, all I can suggest is to stock up when you go back East. That's what I did. Good Luck

        1. I saw some other Nance's products at AJ's Fine Foods.