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Irori Review

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Tried Irori after being much raved about on the board. Waited about 20 min for a table. I liked the decor, very traditional looking, everyone looked like they were sitting on the ground but there were holes in the floor for your legs. We sat at the sushi bar, and Shige was our chef. We had the omakase and it was quite enjoyable. Started off with a mountain potato with some seaweed topped with uni, in a ponzu sauce. I love this dish - I've only been able to find it at sushi gen. Then we had something called sashimi news? which was halibut wrapped around uni drizzled in a hot oil with some shoyu - melted in your mouth. Next we had snow crab tempura - so light and delicate dipped in a sweet and sour type sauce. Next we had a piece of black cod, which was rather large and quite tasty but was a little too much for an omakase portion. Then came the sushi - blue fin tuna - pretty good, toro - excellent, amaebi - good, but not the best, salmon - ok, albacore - very good, yellowtail - I honestly can't remember this one or if we even had it, uni - delicious, no aftertaste, perfect flavor, just melted in your mouth. I think that was about it??

Overall it was a palatable dining experience and a nice neighborhood spot. I would definitely return. I enjoyed it more than Sushi Masu on Westwood, but we also didn't get the Omakase at Masu.

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  1. Sounds very interesting... how much is the omakase?

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      they start at $50/per person

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        $50 omakase included the more expensive items on the specials menu, which is a good deal in my book.

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        4371 GLENCOE AVE B4
        MARINA DEL REY 90292

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          Teach them how to fish, grasshopper, and they will never ask you for an address again.

          Mr. Taster

          Link: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&am...

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            haha good one, mr. taster =)

        2. I had the omakase for $50 this past Sat night. Fabulous melt in your mouth- unbelievably fresh and certainly on a par with ANY LA (or NY) sushi restaurant in my opinion. Omakase included all the exotic specials including Japanese imports like sweet shrimp, toro, and cooked specials. I figure same meal would run upwards of $150 at the famous sushi houses.
          Fantastic find. No reservations necessary but expect to wait for a table at peak times. Just wrote-in my vote to Zagat, so the cat's out of the bag....

          1. Since it is one of my favorite sushi restaurants, I have been following the reviews for Irori the past months. I have to say that I agree and disagree with some posts so I decided to finally share my opinions. The rise in the caliber of the food (especially the amazingly fresh sushi) has obviously been noted. I have tried all the chefs, included the much raved Masaru. He was in fact the first chef I tried at the restaurant and I was impressed...that was until I tried the other two master chefs Shege and Yuki. Their cuts and presentation truly represent the Japanese art of sushi - much cleaner simpler elegant cuts. I have to admit masaru's sushi seemed novice compared to these chefs.

            I also love the restaurant because I am able to go on a quiet date there or enjoy a loud night with my boys.

            Overall, I am glad I found this restaurant in this area, because I was getting frustrated with the other choices out there.

            1. I went on a Wed. night and the omasake turned out to be $65/p.

              1. Irori is just OK. It has received some fawning praise on here.

                1. I wholeheartedly disagree with jcwla. My BF and I eat at Irori at least once, sometimes 2x/week. We are ardent sushi aficionados and have eaten sushi all over LA (and the world). We are hardpressed to find better quality sushi for the value.

                  With their 6 and 8 piece nigiri plus 6 piece maki special, you can walk out satiated for under $50 for two people (including drinks and tax). How many other quality sushi establishments can you say the same about? Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm trying to persuade anyone...I'd rather keep Irori all to ourselves anyway. ;)

                  1. Irori sushi is TERRIBLE. I submitted a post on Sunday night after a disasterous omakase meal that night. Every dish without exception was inedible. Wed complained after dish #4, and were completely brushed off. After 3 more courses (by the way, we waited about 25 minutes before the first course arrived and sometimes waited 10 minutes between courses), the owner came over and asked what was wrong. We told her that the food was not good. There was no other way to describe it - the food was not good. Fish was not fresh and the cooked/prepared dishes were so lukewarm, soggy, and tasteless that they literally conjured recollections of eating at the food court at the mall. NOT what we were expecting when we left the house for the first time to eat sushi after the wife delivered a baby.

                    We hadn't been to Irori in about 6 months, and prior to that we went about once per week. The service and quality has fallen so precipitously that I would recommend they close and start over. BAD bad bad bad food and terrible experience.

                    Oh, they comped the black cod, I guess because I was very specific in telling her what I didn't like about it (after she'd asked). I told her how I felt: that the cod had been marinating in room temperature distilled water for about 6 days before they halfheartedly baked it then dragged it through some kind of nasty sauce.

                    PLEASE don't erase my post this time, Chowhouhd!

                    1. horrible lunch at Irori today..ordered a shrimp tempura roll and it was tasteless.. shrimp undercooked.. no crunch, rice was wet and soggier than i have ever experienced..sloppily made..ankimo was edible but the albacore was oversalted and not fresh tasting..all the fish that was served looked hacked not cut... reported this to the mgr. and he comped the tempura roll but i will not go back..and i live right in the area.

                      1. What Irori are you people going to? We go 1, sometimes 2x/week for the past year and a half and have never had anything but superlative food and service there, and we're no sushi neophytes. I mean seriously...we have NEVER gotten a single bland or lukewarm or soggy dish.

                        Don't believe hogtie and jazzpjr!